Ragnar FL Keys Part Dos


Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ ABs video

Friday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

My tight right hamstring is feeling better. Keeping the pace easy and the miles low this week as helped. So has LOTS of stretching and foam rolling. I even iced it after my run today.



I bet you thought Ragnar would take a backseat to VDay. Nope! In case you need to get caught up, HERE is part one. AND I forgot to tell you about another amazing part about our first major exchange… they had Krispy Kreme donuts! They were so sugary and delicious! I was looking forward to them from the beginning πŸ™‚


Gosh, I always get side tracked by food. SO, Leslie (runner 1) was starting our night full of running. She ran mostly on sidewalk with streetlights. Kristen and Ryan’s legs were on a canal road. On the left of the path they ran on was woods/swampy-ness and to the right was literally a canal. The good thing is that they had van support, so any chance of an alligator encounter was minimal since vans were always around. The bad thing was that the road was bumpy with somewhat loose gravel and seemed really hard to run on.

My night leg was 11.8 miles along Highway US 1. I was initially REALLY nervous about it, because there was no van support, so it was just me, the darkness and the road. Unlike conventional races, there aren’t very many other runners around. Thankfully though, since it was on a highway (a small one at that) I didn’t have to worry about any wild life coming out of the woods/water. There were 3 water stops and I grabbed a cup at the second one. I was a little annoyed that the guy said it was ice cold, when in reality it was luke warm. Do you know what it’s like to be lied to like that?! Not.Cool. Anyways, it was a rolling highway and had one decent bridge. The top of the “hills” and bridge were always cooler without the warm, salty ocean air.

While the temps were cooler at night, it was still warm (75 degrees) and humid during my run, between 11:30PM-12:50AM ish. I ran a 7:30 pace, but not with even splits. Because of a speedy guy that started the same time as me, I went out too fast- like 6:50. I think this is when I aggravated my hammie. I racked up 10 road kills on this leg, making my total 12 πŸ™‚ Once everyone ran their leg, we drove to the next major exchange to catch some sleep!


Of course, I couldn’t sleep and was the first to rise. Shocker. I zonked out on the ride to the exchange and slept for about an hour and a half. The van QUICKLY gets warm and muggy, which obviously makes it hard to sleep.Β You can’t keep the van running because you’ll spend too much on gas and well, the driver is sleeping, too so that’s just not safe. Some people got a solid 3.5 hours, but not this girl. Once everyone was up we ate a bit and brushed our teeth using jugged water. It felt amazing to brush my teeth. Nothing like a fresh mouth! I HATE grimey teeth. Then we were off to meet van 2. We all hung out while we waited for Matt (runner 12) to hand off the baton to Leslie (runner 1) and run our final legs!

haning outThis was Kristen (runner 2) and Ryan’s (runner 3) hardest legs. Nine and 9.6 miles, respectfully, in the blazing sun over bridges with no shade whatsoever. They both killed it though and made the team proud! I think Ryan had a ton of road kills! My last leg was only 4.2 miles and you could tell the weather was getting to people because I got 10 more road kills πŸ™‚ I ran with one guy who was on an ultra team that, ironically was from Tampa! They were fast- our team started at 11:30am Friday, their team started at 2:30pm and they had already caught up. Speedsters! Anyways, we got to talking about running and it made the 4.2 miles (@ a 7:30 pace) fly by.

last legAnd I was done! I got in the van and ate my routine Ragnar post run food… a banana w/pb, chocolate milk and 2 Publix chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm MMm MMm. And theeeeeeeeen we get a call from van 2. They needed someone to cover a 2 mile leg. To make a long story short, it worked out better to do the 4.4 mile leg after our last runner (Melissa- runner 6) was done, and I volunteered to do it. We all know I love high mileage, so it wasn’t a big deal at all, I was just worried because of all the food I had just shoveled in my mouth, haha.

I had two runners (Jack and Melissa) in front of me but they both had short legs so my turn was back up pretty quick. I set of on my for real last leg and caught up to a guy who was moving at a decent pace, and being the talkative runner I am, asked him about his race and team. And guess what??? He was on the same team as the first guy I talked to! What a freakin small world! I could tell he was just trying to make it to the finish so I helped push him along. We made a deal that we would get at least 10 road kill (since I’d gotten 10 in my last 2 legs) and then finish side by side so we didn’t “kill” each other, and that we did. He was surprised we did an 8:00 pace and I was happy to have helped a fellow Tampa runner!

extra leg 2That’s right baby! I ran Ragnar FL Keys LIKE A BOSS! That’s what it says by my 4th box πŸ™‚ Was I the fastest runner out there? No. Did I set a PR? No. But you know what?! I had a BLAST running 24ish miles, with little sleep, over a day in a half, with complete strangers- now friends, in the FL heat/humidity. I was a sweaty mess, but I had a ton of fun. What more can a girl ask for? Just recapping this “race” gives me the runner’s high, haha. Stay tuned for the ACTUAL finish with the whole Team NUUNaritaville! For now, here’s van 1, happy to be done…

van 1 done

Real quick… SORRY my website has been acting weird and giving an error code. I am working to get it fixed so PLEASE bare with me and just keep refreshing the page until it comes up. Again, I’m really sorry about this little problem-o.

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  1. You KILLED your first relay!! So much fun! The night leg definitely isn’t as scary as people think it’s gonna be! πŸ™‚
    I remember my first relay and not sleeping much….once you do a few more…you will sleep more!
    I slept 12 hours last night—I think I’m still making up for last weekend! πŸ™‚

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