Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Yoga

Thursday: Body Pump- I am going to be SORE after this class!


Just an FYI- This is a totally random post. There have been so many fresh things I’ve been loving lately and I thought I’d share… You’re welcome 🙂

* Freshly painted toenails. I rarely paint my fingernails, usually only for races, haha, but I ALWAYS keep my toenails painted. Mainly because I have two toenails that could fall off if pulled the wrong way- but that’s another story 🙂 I am also cheap, so 90% of the time, I just paint them myself. I think I do a pretty good job. Thanks Kris for letting me borrow your polish!


They are so neon they almost look fake!

* Freshly washed sheets. I love climbing into bed that first night and sniffing the fabric softener smell. Same with our bath towels AND gym towels. I’ll put in an extra sheet so the gym towels smell extra fresh when I’m wiping my sweaty face during a run on the treadmill. Trust me, makes a difference, haha.

* Freshly baked anything. There is nothing like the first bite of a warm baked good, right out of the oven… especially if it’s a carbohydrate. The smell fills the house with yumminess! In today’s case, freshly bake banana chocolate chip muffins.

IMAG1672Freshly brushed teeth. I mentioned this in one of my Ragnar posts, and previously is one of my favorite things posts. A fresh, minty, white smile is a winning smile 🙂 I’m one of those weirdos who loves to go to the dentist. Everything is so fresh n so clean when you leave! PS- Floss on the regular. It’s important.

* Freshly brewed coffee. If you are new to HRF (HeatherRunsFast- it’ll catch on!) you can read about my Cafe Du Monde addiction HERE. I. Love. Coffee. Just like the smell of freshly baked goods, a freshly brewed pot of coffee makes the house smell so good. I REALLY like chicory coffee, hence the Cafe Du Monde, but recently found another chicory brand at Publix the other day. An old lady in a scooter needed help reaching her “favorite coffee,” so of course I helped her. I noticed it was chicory coffee and we got to chatting and, well, I bought the coffee to try out and it’s a keeper!

IMAG1674 (1)

Sorry for the blurriness. And obviously this was after a few cups 😉 Sad, but true, haha.

There are other fresh things I love, like freshly picked produce, Todd’s freshly shaven face, a freshly washed Ry girl, but the list could get too long, so I’ll cap it off there. Good luck to all my friends and family running Gasparilla this weekend, and everyone else who’s running for that matter!

Finish this sentence: I love freshly…

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    • I think you are the one person that loves coffee more than I do and appreciates a good cup! I tried a flavored coffee the other day and I didn’t even finish the cup. Something about the “flavoring” just throws it all off.
      Not gonna lie, I’m REALLY liking this color choice. It’s my new go to 🙂

  1. I felt the same way at Ragnar about freshly brushed teeth. I just felt instantly so much cleaner! Your nail polish is awesome. I have been not painted my toe nails in a while … about time I do it again! It’s fun to pick bright colors.
    I love freshly cleaned sheets too. And freshly organized workspaces (although I’m not always very good about actually doing the organizing!)

  2. That pink looks fantastic. Of course I love freshly painted toes, especially when done by someone else while I”m sitting in a massage chair : )

    I also love freshly cleaned sheets (I always sleep better) and a freshly cleaned house! Plus freshly picked frutis and veggies!

  3. I’m totally with you on the smell of freshly washed sheets. I also love the smell of freshly washed hair especially when leaving the salon with a fresh cut

  4. All of these are the best!

    I love being freshly showered (in general) but especially post long run if you have the luxury of being able to hang around and do nothing all day. Put on sweats right after the shower, don’t wear makeup, and lounge the day away.

    • Oh yes, the shower after a long run is the best fresh feeling! Especially a salty sweaty run! I usually take 2 showers. Ones a quick rinse so I don’t have to stretch and eat all gross, but then I walk the dog, so I take my REAL shower after that. That’s when the lounging begins 🙂

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