My 1st BRICK Workout


Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill

Friday: 14.7 miles biking @ 16mph/ 3.1 miles @  7:42 pace on trail


I don’t have much time to train for my new triathlon endeavor… it’s only 7 weeks away. I know I need to hit up the pool ASAP- which I will on Monday!- but I decided to tackle the biking and running thing first, since I’m more comfortable with that 🙂 I met up with the T3 Triathlon team at my local Y for a Brick workout. This is when you bike first and then starting running right after, so you feel the affects of riding during your run, like you do in a tri. I was the only noob, but everyone was super nice and welcoming.

Brick runWe ended up biking just under 15 miles. My Garmin had us at 16mph, but that included a short stretch that we just cruised at from the trail to the Y. OH… the same trail I run on goes right past the Y and is easily/safely accessible from the parking lot. I think our pace was closer to 17-18mph, but either way, it was challenging. I was able to stay with the group for most of the time. At one point I lagged behind a bit, but was able to catch up on the turn around 🙂 A few people gave me some great tips that will make my biking efforts easier.


We spent a little longer in the transition from biking to running than I expected (almost 10 min) but I still felt it during my run. I ran with the leader of the “class” and  hopefully a new running partner, Kristin. No, not my sister Kristin, she is currently nursing an injured foot 🙁 Let’s call her YKristin for clarification. YKristin is like me, a stronger runner. She also runs my paces. Score! Anywho… after a half mile or so, I apologized for my slow pace and loud footsteps. My feet were pounding the ground and I felt like we were running around a 9 min pace. YKristin said, nothing to be sorry about, we’re at an 8 pace. I was like, what? what? I looked at my watch and by golly she was right. It took about a mile to feel normal running again.

I really liked doing this brick workout with a “team.” I definitely pushed the pace more than I would have alone and I know I’ll be able to learn from them as well. My day only got better as my sister Kristin surprised me with more almond butter and this awesome mug to add to my collection… which is fitting for both my running AND baby making life, bahaha.


Todd got home from work early and we took Riley for a long walk together. I walk this little lady every day and I know she enjoys it, but she REALLY likes it when she gets a walk with mommy AND daddy. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees at 3pm and not to rub it in, but the sky was blue without a cloud in the sky. We then celebrated my first brick workout with some yummy DLite’s Ice Cream.

IMAG1563Ya, that’s how we roll. I got a large because I’m in charge… and because I always get a large, haha. Hope everyone had a great week and has an even better weekend! Good luck to anyone racing 🙂

Have you ever done a Brick Workout?

What size ice cream do you usually get?

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  1. Sounds like a great brick workout!! I do swim/run brick workouts and tough to adjust from pool to land…my legs feel like jello at first, but then they come around. Anything to do with ice cream, I get the largest possible! 😉

  2. You are going to ROCK this triathlon, I am not at all worried by the minimal training time you have. Some people just have what it’ve got it!! ALWAYS GET THE LARGE ice cream..yes.

  3. Wooo hooo … that sounded like a great workout. I’ve yet to do a ride/run brick workout … I tried a swim/run one the other week though.

    By the way, your garmin (watch) … how does that work? Does it have a ride tracker and a running tracker feature? I looked at a couple just the other day and couldn’t figure it out. (I should have talked to someone at the run store.) At first I was thinking of getting a Garmin for my bike … but then what would I do on a run? So I’m just wondering how yours works 🙂

    And …. Nuun makes water bottles? I want one of those!

    • I have the Garmin 610. It is mainly a running watch, but does have biking as another sport. You can purchase a foot pod that will track your cadence on the bike, but without that you can only track your speed and distance. Which is enough for me! It’s pretty easy to switch back and forth from biking and running.

      You can check out Nuun’s accessories (including the water bottles) here:

      • 1st – the bottles are only $5 …. thanks for the link. I am waffling …get one? Don’t get one? Get one? ….

        Next – Thanks for the info on the Garmin … so you have to figure out your MPH manually when riding? (I soooo am struggling to figure out where to go on the Garmin thing….)

        • Get one!

          No you don’t have to figure out the MPH, it does that for you, but cadence is a whole other thing. It’s the rate at which you are pedaling/turning the pedals. You’ll need a foot pod for that (which Garmin sells), because the garmin gets it’s data (mph, distance) using satellites- they can’t tell you how many times your legs are pedaling around, haha. Feel free to email me at!

  4. I find I always give more effort when with a group. I’m glad you found a group of friendly experienced people. Question…does you butt hurt after biking? I am not training for a triathlon but I do like to ride my bike leisurely. When I do, I seem to bruised my sit bone. Seriously! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    • I thought my butt was going to hurt, but it was actually more of my pubic bone… weird, huh?! You certainly put in A LOT of effort in group classes, hence your soreness tomorrow 🙂

    • I’m going to butt in here (hope you don’t mind) ….

      However, part of the answer is one of those crappy … “it depends” thing I think.

      What kind of bike/saddle to you have now?

      A lot of times many people think that the bigger, cushier saddle is best for riding, when in fact it’s not the case. As Heather mentioned, the pubic bone area is part of what gets you hurting … and interestingly, sometimes the narrower saddles work better.

      Most local bike shops are pretty good about helping you out … some will have a thing you sit on to determine a good saddle for you … or at least a starting point. I’d give them a try.

      And also…sometimes it just takes a while to get used to riding longer distances….

      And …(I know … I have a LOT of ands…) … and … adjustment of your bike can make a big difference too.

      And … I ramble a lot …

      • I totally agree with all of that! I did noticed that all the people in the T3 group had smaller seats than me. I still need to take my bike to a shop and get fitted since I’m using my dad’s bike. THanks for the help 🙂

  5. You’re too funny. Now you know why they are called “bricks” — because that’s how your legs feel when you start running! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the triathlon training!

    I love ice cream, but lately have been going for frozen yogurt….with cookie dough topping!

  6. You totally killed your first brick!! That is so awesome that you found a group and a girl in particular that is your pace!! You are totally going to rock Coco Beach!!

    I like to get a medium ice cream. I would love a large every time but sometimes I need to watch myself!!! If it is yogurt I like more toppings then yogurt!! 🙂

    • Ya, Finding YKristin was a blessing! She’s newish to tri-s but not totally new like me. The group is beyond supportive.
      It’s a healthier ice cream, so I don’t mind splurging a bit, but I know what you mean about watching yourself… I always go over board with the self serve- which is why I like it, haha.

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