I Didn’t Drown!


Monday: Spinning/ Body Pump

Tuesday: 2 miles outside w/Ry, Swim Lessons, 4 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill


I haven’t taken spinning in a long time. I know cross training is good, but when I’m training for a marathon, my mind is 100% into running and I don’t want anything else making me sore, haha. Now that I’m delving into the Tri world, I need to broaden my training. I thought spinning would be good, as they usually include hill work, which is hard to do where I live, as there are no hills, haha. Sure I could drive 30-45 minutes to find some, but I’d rather not. The class went well, and I definitely got a good workout, but I think I like biking outside more.

Body Pump was really good and I am sore today! We did my favorite shoulder track ever. It’s from release 86 to the song “Well Be Back.” It starts with push ups, followed by clean and presses then my favorite mac raises! The mac raises start around minute 1:30 of the video. Start playing it a little before (like 00:50) then so you can hear the increase in tempo and see why I get so psyched! Plus, the mac raises remind me of running 🙂

After running Riley a quick two miles- and giving her a doggie ice cream of course- I rinsed off and ate a Jimmy Dean Delites egg white, turkey sausage, and cheese english muffin with a cup of Joe, before heading to the Y for my first swim lesson! Everyone had been telling me I should go to the Masters Swim to have a certain instructor, Jodi, watch me swim. I was a little intimidated, as I am literally starting from ground zero, but that was my own nerves, not the other swimmers. Everyone was super nice and helpful. One lady was nice enough to lend me a swim cap 🙂 I’m thinking I need to get this cap…

Finding Nemo anyone?! As for the actual swimming… I started out a hott mess, but learned a lot in an hour. Jodi had me start off with a simple lap out and back. I pulled a rookie mistake and went out way too fast, trying to be a hot shot. One would think running cardio and breathing would be equivalent to that of swimming. Yaaaaa, not so much. I was winded after one lap. Of course I was super inefficient and this was the first thing Jodi helped out with. After a few instructions, drills and laughs, I went from being a hott mess in the pool, to a decent beginner. I still have A LOT to learn, especially with breathing! There is just so much to remember at one time. I am excited to see how much I can progress in a month! Oh Raechel, what have you gotten me into with this Cocoa Beach Tri?! Haha. Happy Training 🙂

PS. The Winner of the Spartan entry was Greg! I’ve sent you an e-mail.

Do you enjoy spinning?

What kind of swim cap would you wear?

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  1. Well, obviously it was ANOTHER Greg and not me haha! But congratulations to that other Greg 🙂

    As for swimming … MAN it’s hard isn’t it? I can run some … I can bike a bazillion miles … but 50 meters of swim?!?!? How in the hell can one drink 1″ of pool water?!?!?!?

    But good going to you … you are certainly Tri-ing!!!

    Spin class – I was totally getting into it too. No coasting feature. ONLY uphills. And the ride is soooo much harder in Spin than outside. Nevertheless, I am like you – I like riding outside … and as the weather gets out of winter I am finding myself riding outside and my Spin Class time has pretty much stopped. But I was getting addicted to it for a while …

    Body Pump? Which means … 24 hr….

    And swim cap? FREAKIN AWESOME! If I do a Tri, I will take my first one serious I am sure … but I am hoping that one day I will have the fun-ness to get a kids googles … like shark goggles … and swim with those 🙂

    • Aww, sorry you didn’t win. It was totally random to keep it fair. You can still get 15% off here: http://bit.ly/spartanwarrior

      I think I’ll keep spinning up once a week. Like you said, the hills are great.

      Body Pump is a Les Mills class at the Y. Actually, it is offered at many gyms. It’s a totally body workout with weights and each body part has a song you do the exercises to. I love it!

      I wouldn’t wear that cap for a race, just practice, plus, I think they give you a cap in races. I just live being silly, haha.

  2. Great job!!! Swimming is never easy especially if you’ve been out of the pool for a while. You will get there!! Breathing in swimming is definitely nothing like breathing while running. I’m a swim coach and I hear that a lot! Once you get more comfortable with the breathing process, your swimming will really take off. It just takes time to control your mind and body!

    • You’re a swim coach???? Ahhhhhhh…I want to pick your brain now!!!!

      As for the breathing … it seems totally backwards to me and its taking me some time to get used to. I normally breath in through my nose and out through my mouth….but swimming seems the total opposite. And I cannot get that bilateral breathing thing down AT ALL!

      But the more I swim … the better its getting I think.

      (I am sorry I interrupted on the blog comments!)

    • Controlling your MIND and body <- Yes! There is so much to remember and put together at once, haha. Thankfully I know any progress will take time 🙂 Nothing happens over night

  3. I loveee spinning. I get so into sometimes I take breaks from running! HA! In fact I am waiting patiently to go to spin tonight. That Nemo cap is so great!

  4. Awesome job with the lessons!! You are going to be a fish in no time! Just keep practicing!! That is what makes you a better swimmer!! It is totally different cardiovascular wise..isn’t that funny!! You are going rock Coco Beach!!!
    I love spinning!!
    I rock an old race caps! Sometimes they are a bit much for my hair/head but they work just fine!! 🙂

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