A Girls Lunch Date!


Wednesday: 8 miles @ 8:00 pace on trail

Thursday:6  miles @ 8:00 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump


Wednesday I met up with my long lost friend Erica. She moved to Georgia a little over a year ago, but is BACK! We used to have weekly dates when she lived here before and it was great getting back to our usual routine 🙂 Erica’s daughter, Willow, is the cutest thing! She was so well behaved and polite and didn’t even need an electronic device to keep her entertained, which impressed me. We went to a local vegetarian place called Consciousness-Blossoms. It was small and homey. Kind of old school looking.


Neither one of us are vegetarians, but I’m always down for a meatless meal 🙂 I got the wrap and she got the sammie and then we each had half. I’ve never had soy bacon before and it was surprisingly good! I thought it was going to be really chewy, but it wasn’t! We both really liked the wrap. The salsa gave it a lot of flavor, but made it a bit wet. I’m not really sure what the side veggie salad was, but it was yummy, too!


The service was a bit slow, but not in a bad way, more like, laid back, let you take your time kind of way. Our waitress brought out crayons and a coloring sheet for Willow. It’s hard to tell, but Erica is preggers with her second little girl. Willow is super excited for a sister 🙂


After lunch we hit up the mall and I had officially made a hand holding buddy. Everywhere we walked she wanted to hold my hand. I’m sure most people thought she was my daughter, as she has blonde hair like mine and Erica has brown. I’m OK with that though, she’s an awesome kiddo! We had a great afternoon and I can’t wait until our next date. We’re thinking it’s going to be a movie date- Disney’s Frozen, on the couch, with some kind of food for our bellies 🙂

Remember when I posted the picture below?


Well, it helped me win a freakin awesome pair of Nuun PRO Compression socks! What?! I love them so much! I just got them in the mail today and wore them on a froyo date with the BF Ashley.


I’m telling you, compression sleeves really help recovery! I wear mine every night while watching TV. Every. Night. Still don’t have a pair? Well, check out the spring edition with Marathon Neon Green and Pink compression by PRO Compression. True graduated compression socks and sleeves in the hottest colors are on sale now.

You know how I love bright neon colors! Save 40% and get free US shipping when you click here and enter coupon code SPRING at checkout. These babies are Made in the USA, compression rating mmHg 22-26.

And don’t forget that this Sunday at 2AM is the Spring Forward time change! I wrote about it last year, which you can read HERE! I can’t remember if this is the one I love or hate.
Do you enjoy vegetarian meals?
Spring Forward. Love or Hate?

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  1. Fun times!!! I love vegetarian meals!! I saw that you won the socks! Love them!!! I couldn’t get my act together and figure out a good pic. Plus I was under the weather and didn’t want to try and think about anything!! 🙂
    I got those green ones last year. I wish they would come out with some different designs so I can get some more!! 🙂

  2. WILLOW IS SO FLIPPING ADORABLE!! Please do take her to Frozen. I saw it a few weeks ago and LOVED IT – which is nuts because I actually really DO NOT like musicals! HA! So clearly, it must be GOOD!!

    And I actually really HATE SPRING FORWARD – I hate that we lose an hour of sleep and I hate when it stays lighter later, LOL! I am probably the ONLY person!

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