A Battle Wound and Armadillo 5k


Friday: .25m swim w/ rests, 15m bike @ 16mph, 4m run @ 7:24 pace on trail

Saturday: 1m warm up, 5k race, 2m cool down

Sunday: Rest


I did another brick workout Friday, but decided to make it like a mock triathlon and swim before. I was in the Y pool by 8:30AM and swam a total of a quarter mile (the distance of the swim at Cocoa Beach) with several breaks throughout. The weather Friday was cold (50 degrees), windy and overcast. I almost didn’t swim- thank goodness the pool is heated 🙂 It also helped that I was meeting up with YKristin. We shared a lane and I was worried I was going to run into her a few times, so I stayed close to the lane and look what happened…


I smacked my hand into the lane divider! It was SO red when I got out of the pool. I finished up around 8:55, showered off, changed, ate an English muffin and met the gang for my second brick ride.


I’m in purple… in case you couldn’t find me.

The windy weather was brutal, but we managed to keep a 16mph pace. I know that’s pedestrian to the bikers out there, but I was happy! Then I hopped off the bike and ran 4 miles at a 7:24 pace. I wasn’t pushing the pace at all! I was so surprised to see that was my pace. When doing an easy run at home, I usually keep the pace between 8-8:30, so 7:24 after swimming and biking was not what I was expecting… but I’ll take it!

YKristin kept asking me to run a local 5k Saturday, but after 6 miles and Body Pump on Thursday, the swim/brick Friday, and my total lack of speed work lately (bc of baby making) I was not prepared for a race to say the least. I told her I’d pass on this one. Until about 10:45PM Friday night that is, haha. I decided super last minute to run the next morning. We got up at 5:45AM, I had a cup o’ joe and small bowl of oatmeal and headed out. The race started at 7:30 and we got there with plenty of time to register, find YKristin and run a 1 mile warm up.

armadillo5k.jpgThe race started right on time, however, they didn’t play the National Anthem, which I thought was weird. The course was really flat, with minimal turns. The weather was gorgeous, sunny, but only 55ish degrees. My plan was to keep a challenging, but not super hard 6:45-50 pace. I was tired at the end for sure, but not completely exhausted like I would be had I RACED it.


YKristin PRed, woo hoo! Her son also ran the 5k. I love kiddo’s running 🙂 I finished up with a time of 20:50, a 6:43 pace and 1st in my age group. I ran a 2 mile cool down before joining the after party and partaking in some pizza, brownies and cinnamon rolls, among other things. It’s so funny how after a marathon I’m not hungry for hours after but after a 5k I eat like I just ran a marathon. Or maybe it’s just because it’s free food, haha. It was the perfect way to start off a relaxing weekend!

Any training battle wounds you want to share?

Are you hungry after races?

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  1. Great job on your 5k! That’s awesome! After my half next Sunday, I plan to dedicate the next few months to 5k races!
    I’ve hit my hand a couple times on lane lines and it definitely hurts!! I hope your hand feels better! Great workouts, too!! You’re so great!

    • Good luck in your half! 5k training is so different than distance training to me. I need to dedicate a lot of time to the 5k, it’s just not the right time for me. I’ll live through your training 🙂
      My hand is already a lot better. It faded after a day. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt though, haha.

      • Thank you!!! 🙂
        5k training is definitely different but I’m better at shorter distances so I enjoy the training more. I haven’t put much training into my 5ks because I’m a very new racer so I’m excited to see what I can do.
        I’m glad your hand is feeling better!!!

  2. I am the same way with my hunger/running…after a longer run (for me usually like 8-13 miles) I am not hungry for a few hours, races are worse because I usually push harder than I would normally. If it’s a short run though and casual, GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD! Awesome job on this race, I always love the mid run photos of you..so graceful! In a totally badass runner way of course.

    • We are one in the same 🙂 I don’t know about graceful, but I’ll take it! haha. And thanks for throwing in that “badass.” It’s quite the compliment 🙂

  3. You just DECIDED the night before to do the 5K?!?!? After doing the brick? (covers my ears and makes wahh wahh sounds about the baby making comment haha) … and AFTER body pump earlier in the week? (I did a 2.5 mile run on Sunday, then swam after … and it was a struggle for me to just do 500 meters.)

    You are a GOD! (Or goddess if you prefer.)

    I normally have to plan to bike or run a few days earlier … so my mind is in the right place. Otherwise I can get all gahhhh, what if I forget to put my socks on or some goofball thing.

    And wooohooo on taking the age group 🙂

    • I prefer goddess, but I hardly live up to that title! I’m just a girl who loves running and racing, haha. If I was really racing it I would have taken Friday off, but I was just hoping to get a good workout in and I did 🙂

  4. Awesome job on the brick workout again this week! I have smacked my hand into the lane line before, and it hurts so bad!!! It takes a little while to get used to swimming in the same lane with someone else, I think.

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