A Strawberry Sunday Funday

Last Sunday, my mom and I went strawberry picking! This time of year, the strawberry fields in Plant City, FL (about 45 minutes away) open their fields for people to come and pick their own berries. Sure, I could just go to Publix or a farmers market and get fresh strawberries, but let me tell you… there is NOTHING like a strawberry picked right off the plant! They are SO juicy and sweet. We went to Spivey Farms and the berries were plentiful!

strawberrypicking.jpgWe ran into Pam and her family there! Can you guess which photos in the collage above were taken by her? We ended up leaving with 15 pints EACH and it only costs us $7.50 (50 cents a pint!) what a steal! We ate some, froze some, but turned most of them into jam 🙂 We made a girls day out of it, invited my grandma over and jammed away! It’s actually not as hard to make as you’d think. You wash and cut up the berries, boil them with sugar and pectin, sanitize jars, fill jars, put the lids on and try not to eat too much in the process!

jam.jpgSee the “foam” on top of the boiling berries? Well, it looks better in the jar if you scoop that off before filling the jars and guess where it all ended up?! IN MY BELLY! It’s like strawberry mousse almost. So good.

Ingredients: 6 cups mashed strawberries (about 8 cups cut up berries), 4 cups sugar, 1 pkg pectin (we used the sure jell for less sugar added)

Recipe: Wash, cut and mash berries. Put into large pot. Mix sugar and pectin. Set aside 1/4 cup sugar mix and add the rest to the berries. Mix sugar and berries and bring to a boil slowly- don’t set it on the highest setting, use medium-high heat. Once it comes to a rolling boil (meaning you can’t stir the boil away) add the remaining 1/4c cup sugar mix and bring to a boil for one minute. Be careful, depending on your pot size the jam mix splatter out! Let the “jam” sit for 5 minutes. Stir to get any pieces/chunks that settle mixed back through and spoon or use a funnel to fill your jars!

To sanitize the jars, we just ran them through a sanitize cycle in the dishwasher and boiled the lids. If you don’t plan on making a lot and think you’ll go through it quickly, don’t worry too much about getting a seal with the lids… that’s mainly if you’re going to keep them in the pantry for a few months or giving them as gifts. If done correctly, though, you can hear the lids POP! and they are good to go.


We made 4 pots of jam and ended up with this much ^^^ After everything was clean, I asked my mom where my long container was? She said she hadn’t seen it. Holy Moly. I left two huge containers in my car! We ended up making one more huge jar and one more medium jar and still had enough left over to send grandma home with a gallon sized bag of berries. I can’t express how good this stuff is, but with all that sweetness, we needed something crunchy and salty…

IMAG1778Yes my friends, I FINALLY tried the chicken and waffles flavored chips. When Lays did it’s original flavor contest, I tried the sriracha and cheesy bread ones but could never find these. The verdict? They were OK. They tasted better as you ate more. Kind of salty and a bit sweet. They reminded me of stuffing with apples in it. While they were good, I probably wouldn’t buy them again and they reminded me of why I always buy baked chips… SO Greasy! Of all three, I think I liked the Cheesy Garlic Bread ones best.

Have you ever made your own jam?

Have you tried any of the above named chips?

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  1. That is literally my favorite summertime activity – berry picking and making jam with my mom. We’ve made blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry! So jealous that you already are in strawberry season – we have another three months…

    • I love that you guys do this, too! It’s such a great tradition. We go blueberry picking, too, but have never made jam because we end up eating them all, haha.

      • I just caught up on your blog and I am so sorry to hear about your doctor’s appointment verdict. I hope you will find enjoyment in your brief hiatus and more importantly that it will be just that – brief. That is something I worry about when I get older too…

        • Thanks girl! I’m hoping it’s brief as well… more than you know… actually, I’m sure you do know, Ms. 40 mile weeks! As for the future, now you’ll just know to cut back the mileage way before your ready to get preggo, haha, or at least to expect to.

          • I definitely feel for you and I cannot imagine having to make that decision. But it is so admirable. Hang in there hun 🙂

    • The gorgeous pictures are from a real camera, haha. And the chips should scare you. Who knows whats in them! But I love trying weird random food… if you can consider chips “food” haha

    • They were so big and juicy! Hope you get the chance to pick some in the summer, if you’ve done it before you know there’s nothing like it.

  2. ohh … your strawberry season is a lot earlier than ours. But yeah, there is nothing like strawberries picked local .. .they tend to be smaller, but sweeter. (though the ones you show are look to be pretty good in size.)

    And the shots of the strawberries cooking … I. Can. Smell. It. MMMmmmmmmmmm.

    As for the chips, I have tasted the sriracha bag … it was ok. I “try” to stay away from chips…but only because I LOVE chips… they are my Achilles heel!

    • Seems like our season is super early compared to everyone! We have a huge strawberry festival every year and that was 2 weeks ago!
      Yes, the house smelled SO GOOD! Especially after my mom made biscuits 🙂
      My sis is the same with chips. I don’t ever crave them, but give me an open bag and they are gone. Like I said though, they have to be baked, normal ones are way to greasy.

  3. A lot of my family makes jam, I’ve always wanted to give it a try! The berries look so delicious! And funny about the chicken and waffle chips – I noticed the same thing – one was like me buy after about 10 I was thinking these aren’t bad! Glad you had a fun berry filled sunday!

    • DO IT! It’s not that hard and so freaking good! Or just have your fam make it for you, haha.
      I think a lot of foods are like that. You have to eat more than just one bite to get the full flavor and see if you really like it. I found myself picking at them throughout the day even though I wasn’t the biggest fan.

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