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So ya… this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but then I got busy and didn’t get home until late because I went with my sister to Rich’s (her bf) baseball game. Of course they won, because they are ballers!


HAPPY Double BELATED ST. PATRICK’S DAY! How did you guys celebrate? We started off our morning like we did last year, with green pancakes! Disclaimer… these are not green because of spinach. They were straight up Bisquick Heart Healthy mix pancakes with green food coloring, haha. The sausage was turkey sausage though 🙂


There was no long run this year, just a nice walk with the Riley girl. We were lucky to get a walk in at all, because it rained almost all day Monday. And no, Riley is not peeing in the bottom left picture, she was stopping to itch.


I’m usually super corny on holidays and promised GiGi from GiGi Eats Celebrities some uber corny-ness, but I’m not gonna lie, my new exercise-less prescription has dampened my creative mood. Next holiday people. Please forgive me. On the bright side, I got a free $10 coupon to Fit Life Foods in the mail and went in for my free meal!


It’s a pretty cool concept… to provide quick, healthy options for those who don’t have time, don’t know how, or don’t want to, make healthy meals on their own. It’s like a take out place with prepared meals, but they are all healthy and made fresh. Their meals come in small, medium and large sizes, which are based on serving sizes and calories, so you always know what you’re getting. The meals are color coded by breakfast, lunch/dinner, and snacks. I got the Miso Marinated Salmon: Caramelized pineapple and miso brushed Atlantic salmon with wok vegetables and quinoa…

IMAG1775I was out and about running errands, so I brought a magazine and ate right there in the store. I was worried that the salmon would be weird because it was microwaved, but it was really good! Everything was pretty plane by most people’s standards (i.e. not drenched in sauces or overloaded with salt), but perfect for me. This meal was $9.95, so pretty pricey to do on a regular basis, but a good option in a pinch! I followed it up with some festive candy…

IMAG1784And to top off the day, I figured I’d share with you this random tid bit I found in a magazine…


Maybe I should show my doc 😉 HA!

Did you wear green on Monday? If not, did someone pinch you?

What’s the last sporting event you went to?


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  1. That green pancake batter looked so … errrr … green. I know there is no taste to food coloring … but just knowing its green … did it make you think it tasted different?

    Now the Fit Life Food place …. man that sounds YUMMY. I love miso slathered stuff. I’ve done some tuna steaks that way. Ok ok … wait, I am going to google Fit Life Foods to see if there is one near me…

    Nope … only in FL…though apparently I can sign up and inquire about starting a store! Well, ok, that’d be a bit more than going in and buying a meal so perhaps not. Man … I WANT one of those places here.

    Ok … now I am just ranting about not having that food place here so I had better stop now 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun day!! Green pancakes…hello!!! I am sure the doc would not want you to gain the 5-10 pounds if you didn’t need it!! 🙂
    I wore a green shirt under my work jacket and wore green socks. When I went to spin class I wore a green shirt!! 🙂 No pinching for me!
    The Fit Life sounds great especially in a pinch!!

    • I know I know, haha, just thought it was ironic I came across that stat right after my “prescription.”
      Glad you didn’t get pinched! I didn’t either 🙂 And Fit Life is such a cool concept, just a bit pricey for those who don’t actually mind cooking. You should open a place like that for treats!

  3. I wore a green shirt and some St. Patty’s socks on Monday. I almost forgot though! I haven’t been to a sporting event like a baseball game in a while…. can’t even remember if I went to one last summer! But I always think ball games are fun to watch.

    • Todd didn’t wear green and I pinched him so hard! Come back to FL and I’ll get us tickets to a Ray’s game 🙂 Baseball is a lot of fun but I usually can’t last a whole game… unless I have peanuts to eat and keep me busy 😉

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