An Easy Foggy Headlight Fix!

Before I get into the cheap, easy way to fix foggy headlights, I have to show you what my sister surprised me with…


Magic Pop! And yes, half of the second bag was consumed in the car ride home 🙂 I can only find this stuff at the St. Pete Market, where Pam, Melissa and I went a few weeks ago, and I went through the one bag I got in no time, so Kristin came to my rescue when her and Rich went this weekend. Thank you, Kris! OK. Onto my trick… Todd and I saw this remedy on TV a while back and finally got around to trying it out. Toothpaste! That’s the secret!


I had a dentist appointment last month and you know how they always give you a little bag with a mini toothpaste, toothbrush and floss? Well, now you have a use for them! You STILL have to use the floss for it’s intended purpose because, well, you should be flossing EVERYDAY! (That’s my PSA for the month, haha). So. First, you dab the toothpaste all over the headlight. Then, you use the toothbrush to swirl the paste over the entire light. Make sure you put some elbow grease into it and press hard while you scrub away. Think, wax on, wax off. Karate Kid, anyone?


Next up, you take a damp paper towel (or 2) and wipe off the toothpaste. Voila! You are done! It didn’t come out perfect, but I think it definitely looks better!





Another fun at home remedy that comes to mind is getting rid of those stupid, annoying fruit flies that can make their way into your home when you buy produce. They seem to multiply like whoa and are so hard to get under control. Put a bottom full of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and then put in a few drops of dish soap. Don’t mix it. Set it out over night or when you’re at work (there is a strong vinegar smell) and let it do it magic!


BAM! Fruit fly problem gone. Actually, it took us two days to get rid of them all, but still, it works. There are so many of these little tricks out there! I love Googling fix-it ideas before spending a lot of money to fix something. Since this wouldn’t be HRF (Heather Runs Fast) without something totally random…


You know you’re a Florida girl when you wear a sweatshirt and flip flops for your morning Publix (grocery) trip. Hey… it was chilly, but not cold and I’m always cold in the grocery store anyway, so it works, OK? OK. And Riley says “Hey Guys and Gals! Happy Tuesday” 🙂

What’s your favorite at home trick?

Do you rock the sweatshirt/flip flop combo?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love how your precious doggy is always smiling!! Hehe, what a cutie pie!!
    I rock the sweatshirt/flip flop combo hard!! I’m actually rocking it right now and it’s 30 degrees!!! It’s the swimmer in me!! I always get weird looks when I’m out but honestly it’s so comfortable that I don’t care. 🙂 🙂
    I love your sweatshirt/flip flop look!! You look so great!!!

    • Oh ya. The summer is THE WORST time for fruit flies. I think we got some from all the strawberries we brought home. Glad it worked for you, too 🙂

  2. Crazy!! I have patients tell me they don’t want their “gift bag” because they have a drawer full of “brushes, floss, and paste”….next time I am going to tell them that trick!! so funny!!!
    I don’t know what Magic Pop is! Are they tortillas?
    Oh yeah I would totally rock the sweatshirt/flip flops!

  3. If Magic Pop is like popcorn, I definitely need to get my hands on some because I am OBSESSED with popcorn. And little Riley girl is looking very photogenic with her pretty pearly white smile 🙂

  4. I’ve had that fruit fly problem twice since moving back down here! I felt like we couldn’t eat in the house until I got rid of them! I found that same remedy online and it worked like a champ! The kids got a kick out of counting how many I caught everyday!

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