3 Things That Made Me Smile on Friday :)

First, I NEED to show you a video on YouTube. Duncan Lou is an 8 month old boxer who was born with severely deformed back legs and prefers NOT using a wheelchair. Seriously, this dog is freaking amazing. Sorry I couldn’t embed it in the post, but the link is HERE.

OK. Now that we have our puppy fix, lets move on… I started my Friday off right with a cup of joe. I’m usually not a fan of flavored coffee, but have been trying to ween myself off of coffee creamer (it a major work in progress) so I figured adding almond milk to something flavored might help.


I saw this at Publix and thought, why not?! It’s actually not that bad for flavored coffee, but I think I need to stick with more caramel/cinnamon-y flavors over totally random ones. Like I said, it’s a work in progress. My sister made me a breakfast from our childhood- eggs on toast.


Look at that smile of yumminess! It’s never too early in the day to start getting your veggies in!  What makes these eggs a throwback to our kiddo days is how she cooked them. Can you tell the pan is also from our childhood? haha…

IMAG1835You fill the pan 2/3-ish full of water and bring it to a boil before putting the silver “cover” with the little cups over the water. Put a pat of butter/spray of pam in the cups and add an egg. Cover with a regular lid and let them cook. Put on buttered toast and season with salt and pepper. So easy, so good and the perfect fuel to get a little practice in the baby department…


I had the privilege of babysitting this little guy for an hour or so. He’s almost a month and a half old and let me tell you, he is the best behaved newborn I’ve watched. We walked around the house, stared at bright lights, looked out the window, changed an explosion of a diaper and chillaxed on the couch.


Babies aren’t anything new to me… I used to nanny for a little boy and learned quite a lot about these bundles of joy! While they can be a handful at times, the smiles they bring to your face are so worth it. Spending some time with a ” new baby” makes me know my efforts (weight gain/ no exercising) are going to pay off big time in the end! So there you have it… 3 things that brought a smile to my face on Friday 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great post!! You look SO happy in these pictures!! It’s so wonderful to see!! What an amazing boxer, too!!! OH, I love it!! Such a beautiful doggy!!

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