Tampa Bay Rays & a Baby Shower

There’s nothing like a weekend filled with friends and family and that’s exactly how I spent mine 🙂 The Tampa Bay Ray’s and Hillsborough County Schools hold a promotion every year where if your school sells at least 150 tickets to a specific Ray’s game, Raymond- the Rays mascot- will come to your school. The tickets are sold at a reduced price and the money is used to support education. Not all schools sold that many tickets, but for the second year in a row my mom’s school did! The kids LOVE meeting Raymond and I LOVE spending time with Todd and my parents at the game. It’s a win win situation.

IMAG1849Mom and Dad. Their 30th Wedding Anniversary is coming up and they are looking cute as ever…


And for all the flack they give us for being on our phones, look at what I captured during the game…

IMAG1850I’ll give my dad a pass, since the UConn/Gators game was being played, but mom… no excuses 😉 The Rays won after a comeback in the 8th inning! Woo Hoo! On Sunday I went to Erica’s baby shower. Her family put it on and did a great job. There was a huge spread of food and the most delicious infused water. It had lemon, mint and cucumber. I WILL be making it at home. After chowin down, we played a few games…

babygames.jpgHer cousin? SIL? (not exactly sure the relation) made the owl and mini cupcakes as a crossword puzzle game to guess they baby’s name. Under the owl it says, “Hooooo is R. M. K.” It’s a girl… can you guess/find her first and middle name? Then we guessed her circumference (it was a 3way tie and I was one of the 3) and drew a nursery with the paper on our heads. The drawings were interesting to say the least.


She is one popular lady and got a ton of gifts! My favorite has to be these cute little Nikes our friend Anna got her. So stinkin cute. Overall, it was a great shower and I can’t wait to meet baby RMK!


Isn’t Erica just glowing? One day (hopefully soon) that will be me people. One. Day. For now I’ll stick with rocking the food baby and celebrating my friend’s little ones.

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What do you think Erica’s little girl’s name is going to be?



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  1. Awe, great post!! Yes, she’s glowing and SO ARE YOU!! You look so adorably happy and your parents are so cute!! Such a happy family!!

  2. Fun times!!! I haven’t been to a baseball game forever…well i guess it was this time last year..seems like longer!! 🙂 You are going to be such a cute mom!!!
    Well I saw Riley, Maria, Mabel?? Any of those?! 🙂

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