‘Twas the Night Before Tuesday

… and at the Winchell house,

Heather had just come home

from an ice cream date, out.

She put on her robe

and washed her face with care,

when she got a text from Pam

who was at Walmart

having her guess what was there?


No freakin way. I couldn’t believe it. I told Pam on our ice cream date that I had been searching for the Carrot Cake M&M’s and hadn’t found them at the Wal-Mart by us. She had to stop there on her way home to get stuff for work the next day and she found them… at the same Wal-Mart I was JUST AT 6 hours earlier. I even asked an employee and she said they didn’t have them. LIAR! So Pam, being the awesome friend she is bought them and brought them over at 10:15PM.


She also brought me a bag of Magic Pop 🙂 Anywho… even though I had just brushed my teeth, I decided to break open the bag and try these suckers out.

IMAG1857 (1)

Oh. Emm. Geee. They are so freakin good. Just. Like. Carrot Cake! Todd, Kristin and my parents really liked them, too. When I tried the Candy Corn ones, they were good and got better the more you ate, but didn’t really taste like candy corn… these were spot on. Cakey and frosting-y. I’ve already bought a second bag.

As you can see from the M&M picture above (and a lot of my other food pics) we have granite counter tops in our kitchen, as well as our bathrooms. You can’t use just any ole spray to clean them and the ones specifically for granite can be expensive- and we all know I’m cheap. So, I make my own 🙂


Homemade Granite Counter top Cleaner

  • 1/4 c. rubbing alcohol (this is what eliminates the streaks)
  • 3 -4 drops dish soap
  • water — enough to fill the 16 oz bottle
  • 2 or 3 drops essential oil (optional- I didn’t use them)

I doubled the recipe and just used an empty Windex Bottle (32oz). Don’t you love the scratched out the label and scribbled “Granite?”  I know, so crafty I am. Obviously you could put this in a store bought bottle and create a cute label, but I like to keep it simple (or maybe I’m just lazy!)

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Do you make any homemade cleaners?

What fun M&M flavors have you tried?

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  1. Carrot cake m&ms!!!!!!! No Way…. I got to go to walmart soon and crossing my fingers if my area walmart had them.. Are they good?

    • I told you to take some! I’ll have to bring some by for you to try. That way you don’t have to worry about eating a whole bag 😉

  2. Carrot cake MnMs??!! I can’t believe it! I do love carrot cake so I guess I will have to try the MnM’s…I guess that is if I can find them!! 🙂 I have tried the mint which are good. My favorite is dark chocolate peanut! I put them in the freezer!! Epic!!!
    I used to make some household cleaning products. I even took a class…but it just doesn’t work as well!! Oh well!! Do you think it cleans as good?

    • I love the mint and dark chocolate, too. I love them all! These are especially good though bc they are so different. This is the only homemade cleaner I’ve made and I love it. I think it works just as well 🙂 It’s all I use for our granite.

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