The Boston Marathon is Next Monday!!! (4/21)

Every year on Boston Marathon Monday Todd goes into work late and we stream the race live- well, every year but last year because I ran it 🙂 It’s a fun tradition that I look forward to. I love reading articles and watching videos of the athletes leading up to race day on how they prepared. It’s a little bittersweet this year, as I always use Boston to pump me up for training through the FL summer for a fall marathon… Not so much this year. Following these elites just gets me so excited about running!

This year, we have two GREAT American contenders- Shalane and Desiree. I really believe we will have an American winner this year. Both of these ladies want it SO BAD and have been doing everything they can to be race day ready. Running Times did a wonderful article on Shalane, Shalane Flanagan’s Game Face, and Brooks did a super cool YouTube series about Desi training in Kenya. I’ve conveniently provided the episodes for you to watch. You’re welcome.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

How awesome is that? For real. Todd asked me if I’d go there to train and I said, “In a freakin heart beat!” Maybe that will be my push present (the gift a woman gets for pushing out a baby, haha) after our second kid… if we can make that happen, haha. I can totally see it, me and Desiree, chatting it up on our runs- me doing speedwork while she’s doing her easy run for the day, haha. Who wants to join us?

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Have you been following any of the Boston Athletes? 
Do you plan to watch the race?

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  1. Your tradition of watching Boston is really neat!! That’s special that your husband goes into work late and you two stream it. Have a great weekend!!! 🙂

  2. What a fun tradition!!!!
    I haven’t been following all of the athletes! I just read the Shalane article. I hope she wins….that would be epic but I just have a hard time believing that an American can/will win!! 🙁
    I don’t usually watch because I am at work! The year Kara ran it…I tried to stream it and watch a little bit between patients(which is probably what I will do this year) but last year I didn’t stream it all and our receptionist came back and told me there were bombings in Boston. I couldn’t believe it!!! As soon as I was done with that patient I was all over the internet checking it out!

    • Hope you have to chance to catch come of it. Tell your patients they can wait… there’s a serious race going on, haha. Or just have them practice their flossing while you watch, ha!

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