I was going to post my Easter Festivities today but that has wait. If this post seems all over the place and there are a lot of errors it’s because I’m so pissed and I just need to write about it and post it ASAP.

So my morning started out great… I got my period! If this mean nothing to you, you can find out why it means a lot to me HERE. (This means I need a period cake, haha) ANYWAYS. I took Riley for a nice walk in Carrollwood… she loves hunting in the bushes!


I always listen to the radio while I walk her and today I heard the most stupid/annoying/dumb/off the wall thing on the Bobby Bones show today… one of the personalities, Lunchbox has this Boston Marathon Conspiracy- from their website- “Lunchbox believes the Marathon was rigged. He thinks that it was planned for an American to win to keep up morale after the bombings last year. Lunchbox thinks that the other runners were paid to lose to keep the “Boston Strong” theme going.”

He (and where ever he read it) believes that even Shalane was in on it and that is why she was leading the whole time and then backed off, because that would be too obvious that it was rigged if TWO Americans won. WTF?! First off, if it really was rigged, Shalane would have won, not Meb. She was more known to the public (read, not runners) since she was on 60 minutes and that would have boosted moral even more.  He went on to defend his assumption with other coincidental wins right after other tragedies. Again, from the website, “He finds it suspicious that the Boston Red Socks won the World Series the year after the Boston Marathon bombing and the Patriots won the year after 9/11.”

Are you freaking kidding me?! Oh my gosh, I seriously want to punch whoever started this little thought. UGH. While listening, they were going back and forth asking questions and I was answering them out loud- to no one mind you, I was walking Riley. Thankfully no one was passing by because I’m sure they would have thought I was crazy with the loud, angry answers I was spewing out.

Phew. I don’t know why I reacted so strongly or felt so compelled to write this, but I just got so pissed off and my heart started pounding when I heard that. I may revisit this post later when I’ve looked into it more, but honestly, I think it has no merit and don’t want to waste my time the BS that is his opinion.

I’m going to turn this day around by hanging with my sis and celebrating my period with something yummy. Happy Friday yall!



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  1. You have go to be kidding with this garbage right?!?!?! Someone couldn’t have seriously thought this stuff up!!! Annnnd Shalane would NEVER throw a race. Ummm maybe in basketball or football but races are thrown or points shaved. I so wanna smack the person who would think such a thing!!

  2. Wow! I can’t imagine that is true! There is no way Shalane would have given up that dream and she didn’t even know what was happening with the men! Totally bogus!! On another note…did you see the 4 bandits running with the same number! Crazy shit!!

  3. That is so not true, and not really possible. These are elite athletes, they don’t just get paid off to lose or win a race. Elite athletes only enter races they have a great shot at winning unless they are in training, and I don’t for a minute thing that they rigged it so an American could win. It’s impossible, the marathon isn’t like a gamble, you can’t plan ahead on how an athletes run is going to be, any runner knows that.
    The person saying this is just ridiculous, and likely far too liberal of a thinker for their own good, they have no clue how the marathon world is!
    Nothing was rigged, and no one ways paid off and I will never need an investigation to tell me that, because its just to ridiculous to think of. I’m glad I didn’t hear it, if I did I’d probably never listen to that station or broadcaster again!

    • Clap clap clap! That’s exactly why I didn’t look into it any more. That would just be a waste of my time. People just like to create something outta nothing. What a Debi the Downer, haha.

  4. That schlock jock is an F’ing idiot. I love all of these conspiracy idiots. The saying goes, only one person can keep a secret. I ran for Krystle Campbell. When I googled her name I saw all kinds of other conspiracy shit about how the bombing was staged. WTF! They claimed these people were already dead and crap like that. It was like reading Nazi propaganda. It was sickening.
    This “jock” obviously knows nothing about competitive sports. Did the Yankees lay down for Boston? You couldn’t pay Shalane enough to throw that race.
    Imagine what these people could achieve if they put their creativity towards something positive.

    • You said it right there… imagine what they could do if they thought positively.
      That’s awesome you ran for Krystle. I can’t believe you found conspiracy stuff on her death. That’s just wrong. WTF for real! That is so sad. Glad you were able to keep her spirit alive during your race though! Boston Strong baby!

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