Month: April 2014

Kara Said It Best & a Giveaway!

RT= Running Times/ KG= Kara Goucher RT: And the question about having another baby, you can feel free to pass on this. But Lauren Fleshman addressed this, how women have to plan their families around Olympic cycles. Do you care to say anything about that? KG: It is hard. It’s really hard. Because the female is the one who has to do it. It’s really kind of a two-year commitment. You have to try to get pregnant, then you carry the baby, then you have to come back. So it’s really two years that you have to, I don’t want to […]

Want to Learn Something Today?

As most of you know by now, Todd and I have been trying to get pregnant. You may not know that April is the one year mark of our endeavors and we’ve (well, I) have been having issues. I thought about keeping this preggo journey to myself and just announcing getting pregnant when it happened, but obviously, I’ve been pretty transparent with the whole thing. I’m the type of person that wears my emotions on my sleeve, so keeping it all bundled inside would drive me crazy! I have to talk out my problems to relieve any stress they may […]

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