Month: May 2014

It’s Freakin HOT! What I’m Eating to Cool Off…

Summer has officially arrived in Florida. It actually came a little late compared to previous years. I “complained” about the great weather in March because it is NEVER that cool this late into the year, and of course, the one year it is I can’t run, haha. But let me tell you… the weather is making up for lost time! The low has been around 75, the high close to 90 degrees with awful humidity and afternoon/evening thunderstorms. Guess it makes it easier not to run. So how am I staying cool? Other than my obvious NUUN consumption, I’ve been […]

A Fun Long Weekend

So it seems as if I’m just a weekly blogger these days… To be honest, I don’t have that much going on and don’t want to just ramble on about nothing and bore you guys to death, so I’m only going to post when I have good content. K? K. Memorial Day weekend for the Winchell fam is about celebrating our veterans and a few birthdays- Todd’s, Riley’s and my MIL. We used to get Riley a HUGE raw hide bone, but found that they upset her stomach and aren’t really that good for her. So I’ve switched to making […]

A Battle Wound, TJ Finds and Riley Walks

See that bruise?! That’s a battle wound from the specialist taking blood. Every time I have blood work (which is about every 2 weeks these days) I tell them that my veins roll. And every time they say, OK, no problem. Well that bruise above= a problem. It hurts! It’s kind of hard to see it, but I couldn’t get a better picture. The red dot is where they stuck the needle and then she kept pushing up and up. Ugh. Oddly, it bruised down instead of up. It looks like Todd beats me. He doesn’t. Because if he did, […]

The Freakin Weather, a Commercial, Another Cronut, Her Nylabone, & Flowers

It’s been a while since I stared a post with one of these… Are you kidding me?! It’s freakin May. In Florida. This is an hour behind and it was STILL 66.9 at 9:30am. It’s usually 75-80 degrees at this time. I think the running Gods are teasing me. Or maybe they are predicting that my doc will give me the go ahead to run today at my appointment. Doubtful, but a girl can dream 🙂 Have you guys seen this Applegate Farms commercial?   I love it. I feel like it applies to people, too, haha. Speaking of healthy […]

A Day to Celebrate Mom

Mother’s Day kicked off with breakfast (oatmeal and a cottage cheese protein shake) and a walk for Ry girl. We showered and headed to my SIL’s for lunch from Stonewood and some quality time with our niece. She is 3.5 and a handful! SO much energy. No pictures from the afternoon, but I did snap a pic of our drinks for the drive there (about 45 min long.) DMD (diet Mt. Dew) for Todd, iced coffee for me. I confess… we are both addicted to our beverages and drink way too much of them. After leaving the SIL’s I dropped Todd […]

Five Things Friday

1) Riley is OBSESSED with looking for lizards. She looks in every nook and cranny when we’re on walks. Obsessed I tell you. 2) I got to try the Honey Stinger Mocha Cherry Protein bar the other day at it was pretty good… for a bar. I’m not a huge bar fan, as I’d rather eat real food to get my protein or as a snack. I do believe they have their place in training and recovery to get carbs/protein to your muscles quickly after a workout, especially when you’re not home or in a rush. This one was very […]

Eats Lately… Gaining 15lbs

Well my friends, I had a doctors appointment yesterday and am pleased (?) to report that I have gained 15lbs in this baby making adventure. If you’re a new reader, no, I’m not pregnant, but I am TRYING to be. After the initial appointment where I learned I had to gain weight (and stop exercising), I’ve had to increase 5lbs by each appointment. Not gonna lie… the first five pounds were all pity pounds and gained from refined carbs and sugar in the form of bread, cookies, cupcakes and chocolate. The second five was a mix of “bad” and healthy […]

Nuun, Boston Bandits, a Date (or 2) and Pancakes

Have you guys and gals heard of NUUN Energy yet? Well it’s awesome. I got a sweet care package from them introducing the new tablets of joy and not only did I enjoy the goodies… Riley did, too! Ohhh our little trash dog! I wrote about the stupid radio jock who thinks Meb winning Boston was a rigged, but I just recently heard about some Boston Bandits. Check out this post Doppelganger Gang that goes more into detail. I couldn’t believe it! Not running is still really hard! To fill my mornings, I’ve been having dates with my girlfriends. Marissa recently […]

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