Nuun, Boston Bandits, a Date (or 2) and Pancakes

Have you guys and gals heard of NUUN Energy yet? Well it’s awesome. I got a sweet care package from them introducing the new tablets of joy and not only did I enjoy the goodies…


Riley did, too! Ohhh our little trash dog!

I wrote about the stupid radio jock who thinks Meb winning Boston was a rigged, but I just recently heard about some Boston Bandits. Check out this post Doppelganger GangΒ that goes more into detail. I couldn’t believe it!

Not running is still really hard! To fill my mornings, I’ve been having dates with my girlfriends. Marissa recently got a new dog and now we have dog walking dates. But not how’d you expect…




I love it! Nothing makes a walk in the humidity go by quicker than chatting with someone… kind of like during a run πŸ™‚

One morning, I met up with Mary for coffee at Jet City Espresso. She got a Milky Way Latte and I got a Borgia Latte…

IMAG1896It had a shot of espresso, almond milk, honey, nutmeg and orange extract/rind. I was a little leary, but it was DELISH! I’ve recreated it several times at home and while it’s not the exact same, it’s pretty darn close! I used a teaspoon of honey, couple dashes of nutmeg and few drops of McCormick orange extract. I warmed the almond milk and honey before adding coffee that I brewed extra strong. Try it.

Don’t try egg white and banana pancakes. Maybe I didn’t use a big enough banana, or maybe it’s because I used egg whites from a carton, but they were a SAD excuse for pancakes. I wasn’t expecting delicious carby pancakes, but they were honestly more like banana-y eggs, haha. They tasted good? <-yes I meant to put a question mark.


I forgot to spray the pan the first time and they really were banana eggs. Ha. I think I’ll stick to my Hodgson Mills pancake mix and call it a day. I would rather have more carbs and calories and actually enjoy my pancakes. Just sayin!

Have a great weekend and dedicate a mile for me if you’re running at all. Gracias πŸ™‚

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    • Ya… I tried to jump on the bandwagon now that I’m not running and able to eat my weight in carbs, haha. I’d rather not eat pancakes then try and trick myself into thinking these are a substitute.

  1. Your dog is so adorable! I used to have a jack russel terrier, it was my favorite dog ever! So much personality and energy in a small package! Morning walks and coffee dates with friends sounds fabulous! I’m glad you’re finding positive ways to fill your time! πŸ™‚

  2. Hahaha those pancakes…I hate when it seems like food bloggers make these “healthy” things and then you try and it’s just an epic fail. I tried to make protein brownies once and they tasted like sponges. You definitely should try Kodiak Kakes! they’re my absolute favorite and keep me full for a long time, something I struggle with when I start my day with pancakes.

    • I tried the protein brownie thing, too and yup! same spongy grossness, haha. I’ll have to find the Kodiak Kakes for sure, because I also find it’s harder to stay full on pancakes without eating a crap ton of them and I don’t really need all those carbs anymore πŸ™

  3. Bummer that those substitute pancakes didn’t workout that well. I guess you’ll have to find a different morning snack or special breakfast? We don’t make pancakes very often. Tend to jump right into lunch once it hits mid morning. πŸ™‚

    • We make pancakes every Sat/Sun when Todd is home from work. I just can’t indulge in as many as him and that makes me sad, haha. I usually stick to my beloved oatmeal during the week. Quick, filling and yummy πŸ™‚

  4. Hello yummy!!! Ohhhh myyyy gosh!!!A Milky Way Latte!!! Eeeek, I want one!! Also, Nuun energy is THE BEST!!! I LOVE cherry limeade!!!

    • You can totally recreate that at work! Oh! And I found a place that sells water processed decaf coffee that’s supposed to be the bomb diggity… I’m excited!

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