Five Things Friday

1) Riley is OBSESSED with looking for lizards. She looks in every nook and cranny when we’re on walks.


Obsessed I tell you.


2) I got to try the Honey Stinger Mocha Cherry Protein bar the other day at it was pretty good… for a bar. I’m not a huge bar fan, as I’d rather eat real food to get my protein or as a snack. I do believe they have their place in training and recovery to get carbs/protein to your muscles quickly after a workout, especially when you’re not home or in a rush. This one was very coffee-y and I loved that! The cherry didn’t really stick out at all.


3) I’ve been using a lot of the Mrs. Dash seasoning blends lately and I am loving them! Just like the bar above, I know that salt has it’s place in an athlete’s diet, but since I’m not running and get plenty of salt else where, I tend to stick with saltless seasonings. We eat a lot of chicken and veggies and it’s nice to have a plethora of seasoning already mixed to just dash- pun intended- on whatever I’m making. My new go to fave is the Southwest Chipotle… it’s a little bit spicy, a little bit smokey.


4) Tomorrow the whole fam damily is going on a canoeing trip! I am pretty freakin excited. We used to go as a family All The Time when we were younger and Todd and I have gone a few times, but I think it will be really cool to have my parents, my husband, my sister and hopefully future BIL all together doing something fun outside.

5) Both Nuun and PRO Compression are running some fun deals this month… The pint glass deal is only through May 11 so order now!


Big Dots. Bigger Savings.

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Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day weekend!!!

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    • I know me, too! I stocked up just in case they didn’t bring it back. That and cherry limeade are my faves. Although the orange I had at Ragnar was pretty awesome, too.

  1. Hi, fellow Sweat Pinker stopping by 🙂 I have YET to try any of Mrs. Dash, because I am an avid hater of anything spicy, do you recommend any of her NON spicy salt less blends?
    Also, have fun on your canoeing trip 🙂

    • Hey Lady! Glad you stopped by. Most of them aren’t spicy at all. The Chicken one in the pic is really good, Tomato Basil Garlic and Table Blend are my other faves, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them 🙂 Hope you try one out!

    • Bunnies?! I don’t know what Ry would do if she saw one… prob chase after it. She used to love squirrels, but I got her out of that habit so that I could take her on the trail. There are so many around its too dangerous to let her chase them, haha

    • I was pretty happy with the new design, too. Something a little different. I wish more people would look at the salt content in their diets. It’s so much more than they think!

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