A Day to Celebrate Mom

Mother’s Day kicked off with breakfast (oatmeal and a cottage cheese protein shake) and a walk for Ry girl. We showered and headed to my SIL’s for lunch from Stonewood and some quality time with our niece. She is 3.5 and a handful! SO much energy. No pictures from the afternoon, but I did snap a pic of our drinks for the drive there (about 45 min long.)


DMD (diet Mt. Dew) for Todd, iced coffee for me. I confess… we are both addicted to our beverages and drink way too much of them. After leaving the SIL’s I dropped Todd off at home to run and picked up Riley to head to my parents. My sister and I cooked dinner for my mom for Mother’s day. She requested stuffed cabbage and buttermilk pie for dessert. The cabbage came out really yummy!


Again, I didn’t take any fun pictures, so these are the left over rolls on a random plate. The filling was rice, ground turkey breast (instead of beef), tomato sauce and onion. The sauce on top was more tomato sauce, a few tablespoons of brown sugar, lemon juice and Worcestershire. On the side we had green beans. I wish I would’ve taken pictures of the table because we used my Great Great Grandmother’s linens, tea pitcher, cups and glass bowl.


OH! We also had my Grandma over for dinner. I can’t believe we took no pictures. Ugh.


Buttermilk Pie. Random, yes. It was more like a lemon custard type of pie. Not really my jam, but it was OK. Kristin even made the crust from scratch. She’s such a good cook AND baker.

My mom’s backyard garden is growing like crazy and one of the things that’s flourishing the most are the brussel sprouts.


I know they grow on stalks, but didn’t know that they produce large “leaves”…


I took some home and cooked them up like collard greens and they were SO good! I love greens 🙂 Now if only I could get Todd to like them, too. Pretty much anything green, he likes to call a “lunch vegetable.” These are the veggies that produce a funky smell when cooked- brussel sprouts, dark greens of any kind, cabbage, broccoli- and he prefers that I eat them during lunch when he’s not home. How high maintenance 😉 Actually, I just asked him which veggies are “lunch veggies,” and he said, “pretty much all of them,” haha. I can’t help it. I love me some greens!

What did you do for Mother’s Day?

What is your fave green veggie?

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  1. OH man…those Brussels look amazing!!! Fun Mother’s day.
    We went over to Dan’s sisters house for dinner!! We had take-in Chinese food. It was delicious! His sister isn’t much of a cook plus she is a mom so it was easy!! 🙂
    I love pretty much all greens. Kale and spinach are my fave. Collard greens aren’t my fave!

    • Todd’s sister initially wanted take out Thai Food. Not sure what changed her mind. Spinach and Kale top my list, too. I have one of them every day.

  2. Hey!!! What a great Mother’s Day!!! XOXO!! The lemon custard sounds really tasty!! I love iced coffee, too!!! Very much!!! My favorite green veggie is spinach!!!

  3. I had no idea on the brussel sprout leaves, either – how cool! I can’t believe how big your mom’s garden is… here in MN I planted just a week or two ago so things are just poking above the soil 🙂

    • Hey Nichole!!! The leaves are quite yummy. It’s like we got 2 veggies for one!
      And yes, her garden is big this year. Sooo many tomatoes, little zucchini and peppers! Good luck with your garden!

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