Month: June 2014

Running, Kayaking, Friends

WORKOUTS Friday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill Sunday: 2 miles @ 8:45 on treadmill/ AB video Monday: 3.5 miles @ 8:45 on treadmill ****** Ya, that’s right. My “Workouts” section is back! It’ll probably be pretty boring for a while, but I’m happy to be running and think it’ll be cool to track my progress- which is basically starting from scratch now. Case in point, I tried to do one of my four miles on Friday at an 8:30 pace, and it felt like a pace run (like I was running a 7:00 pace) so I just did a […]

:) :) :)

Sooooooo this happened Tuesday night… Yaaa that’s right! I finally decided to switch specialists and my first appointment was Tuesday afternoon. Todd came with me this time and I’m glad he did. He probably wouldn’t have believed that I was cleared to run. My new doc said that stress is stress. Whether you get stressed from work (nope), family life (definitely not) or exercise, it’s stress, and telling someone who thoroughly enjoys running not to, only switches the “type” of stress. All that to say, I can run again 🙂 Obviously I won’t be doing any long runs, speed work […]

YoYos, Burgers and a Bubble Blowing Contest= My Sunday

I have to warn you, I got a little collage happy in this post. It had to be done or else there would be WAY too many pictures. Instead of my past life’s usual long run on Sunday (<- mini pity party) I met up with two girlfriends at Super Target, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and lollygagged around the store. We perused the clearance sections, read hilarious greeting cards and picked up a few cool items. I got a sweet & spicy decaf tea to try out, along with a light up yo-yo! Oh ya! I originally got it for […]

Color Me Mine

As part of Kristin and I’s Mother’s Day gift to my mom, we took her to Color Me Mine, “the paint your own pottery studio.” When you walk in there walls of pottery that you can choose from to paint. Anything from bowls, mugs, and plates, to piggy banks, picture frames and decorations. You pay $10 ($7 for kids) as a “studio fee” which covers all the paint you need, unlimited time in the studio, brushes and their help with whatever you need. There are stencils, stamps, tape and more, to help you get your creativity on! After you choose […]

Father’s Day and Some Randoms

My dad is pretty predictable when it comes to Father’s Day/ Birthday dinner requests. Just like LAST YEAR and every year before that, he always asks for Ham and Asparagus Lasagna with some form of my mom’s chocolate cake for dessert. The lasagna has an alfredo-like sauce and it’s actually REALLY good!  This year, he went with the good ole classic chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It never gets old and is so delicious. I already can’t wait for his birthday in a month when we’ll have it again 🙂  I had mine sans ice cream this time, but the […]

Meet Rowynn and a Running Reminder

I mentioned about a year ago, that my friend Erica finally signed up for her first marathon. Wellll, during her training she found out she was pregnant and so that plan was scrapped- obviously well worth the missed race. Erica and I go back quite a few years now and I even ran her first half marathon with her… A brief summary: From there, she went on to run many other races before and after having her first little girl, Willow. They then moved to Georgia for about a year and have since moved back! I met up with her a […]

Sorry, A Figure Competition & Mom’s BDay Dinner

I have to apologize for my absence on the blog lately- Sorry. I honestly just haven’t been in the blogging mood or really even have enough content to write about, other than food, haha. For a quick update… Things are VERY slow on the baby making front. I’m still not supposed to run or do any exercise. It’s been a LONG 3 months, let me tell you. Things have been slow with my job in Orlando, so I got a part time gig at a running store to keep me busy and surrounded by the sport I love. My co-workers […]

National Running Day a Day Late

Ya ya. I know. National Running Day was June 4th. Better late than never right? It’s not like I actually got to run… waaaa waaa <- pity party much?! Instead, I wore a running shirt and drank some wine. Not too shabby, although I’d trade the wine for a run any day! Last year, I made an “I Run…” badge so I thought I should again… While I certainly miss the endorphin rush that running gives me, I also miss the amount of food I was able to eat, haha. There was nothing better than coming home from a super […]

2 Quick and Easy Recipes

Todd and I had a little get together to go to this weekend and we brought over and awesome cheese plate and a wannabe Panera Strawberry Poppyseed Salad. The only thing that made it “Panera” was the dressing and strawberries, haha. I also added corn off the cob, feta, slivered almonds, cucumbers, grated carrots and tomatoes. The key to making a good salad is to make sure you layer all the ingredients. That way even the people who don’t get the first scoops get some of the goodness. Yum. I really love this dressing. I was going to make my […]

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