Sorry, A Figure Competition & Mom’s BDay Dinner

I have to apologize for my absence on the blog lately- Sorry. I honestly just haven’t been in the blogging mood or really even have enough content to write about, other than food, haha. For a quick update… Things are VERY slow on the baby making front. I’m still not supposed to run or do any exercise. It’s been a LONG 3 months, let me tell you. Things have been slow with my job in Orlando, so I got a part time gig at a running store to keep me busy and surrounded by the sport I love. My co-workers are awesome and don’t even mind me complaining every now and then, haha. Between my new job, friends and weekly Kristin (my sister) hangouts, I’ve been keeping busy. I still miss running more than ever and don’t think I’ll ever NOT want to run.

I did however have a fun event to go to this past weekend- a body building competition called the Tampa Bay Classic. Remember Melissa? Well, she hung up her running hat for a while to train for the figure category of this competition.


She worked her butt off at the gym and in the kitchen, eating super clean. All her hard work paid off with a muscular, toned body, ready to rock the stage.   There are two parts to the competition. First, they are judged in the morning with all the other women in their category.


Then, later that night, it is more like a show and they come out and pose to music before the awards are given. She looked so good and I couldn’t have been more proud of her!

mels show

Look at that tan, haha. And her coach even said she was TOO LIGHT?! Oh man.


I confirmed today that her first real meal after eating only chicken/ egg whites/ green beans/ broccoli/ asparagus for the longest time was PIZZA and an ice cream Sunday. Perfect choice if you ask me!

We celebrated my mom’s birthday on Sunday (which of course means dinner) and she requested shrimp and grits. I was a horrible blogger and only got a picture of the left over shrimp on rice. My dad and Todd aren’t fans of grits, so they had theirs with brown rice.


The grits (not instant!) were SOOO good and such a great change from the norm. For dessert, I made banana pudding, again, by her request.


It was light and yummy. Much different than our normal chocolate cake/cheesecake, which we’ll be having this weekend for Father’s Day, haha. Banana Pudding always reminds me of the BF Ashley. She LOVES nanar pudding and I haven’t seen her in a while. Love you lady!

Sorry again for being MIA lately and I really will try and blog more regularly. Thanks for hanging around and reading during this awkward time of mine. All of your comments make me smile! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

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  1. So glad you are doing good and I know not running has to be so tough on you. Just think about all the future runs you will go on!! Lots and lots and lots!!! I’m thinking about you!! XOXO!!!
    Also, figure competitions are so much fun!! Definitely a cool event to watch!! Your friend looks fabulous!!

    • Thanks for the support my lady! I know I’ll be able to run again eventually, it’s just so far off it’s hard to see the light at then end of the tunnel, haha.
      I’ll pass along the compliment to my friend 🙂 It was a totally different world at the competition and I actually really liked it!

  2. What do you do in Orlando? That’s so great that you were able to pick up another job! Just think of all the discounts when you can run again…yes you will get there! Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!

    • The company I work for is partnered with the Hyatt, so I was back and forth between properties there. We work with people who have mental/physical disabilities who have interest in the culinary industry. It’s pretty cool and very rewarding, but things are just so low in the summer, ironically.
      When I can run again? How about now, haha. Running shoes (even if I’m not running) are like most girls heels 😉 Thanks for the support!

  3. No worries the main thing is that that you are doing well. And you’ll be on these Florida roads again soon enough annnnnd there’s plenty of humidity to share hahaha lol 🙂

    • Ugh the humidity is insane! I guess that’s one thing that I don’t miss about running, haha. Hopefully when I’m back at it, I’ll see you on the roads or at races! Happy early Father’s Day 🙂

  4. Awww!! Thanks for the shouty! Even after all the food I’ve consumed the last 5 days when I read banana pudding… I might have drooled a bit!!!! Haha. We will be seeing each other soon, I promise! Xoxoo

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