Meet Rowynn and a Running Reminder

I mentioned about a year ago, that my friend Erica finally signed up for her first marathon. Wellll, during her training she found out she was pregnant and so that plan was scrapped- obviously well worth the missed race. Erica and I go back quite a few years now and I even ran her first half marathon with her…

erica's first half

A brief summary: From there, she went on to run many other races before and after having her first little girl, Willow. They then moved to Georgia for about a year and have since moved back! I met up with her a few months ago for lunch and of course hung out with her at her baby shower. So here we are, in the middle of June and Erica has had her second baby girl, Rowynn. She is precious as can be! I went over this week to have lunch, hang out with the girls and meet little Rowynn.


Baby Willow on the left (she’s now 4) and baby Rowynn at 5 days! Erica was happy to finally have a baby with dark hair like hers, lol. I remember when we went to the mall together, it looked like Willow was my daughter, haha. Anywho… after catching up for a bit, we made lunch. Turkey, avocado, tomato sammies on Rye/Pumpernickel marble bread, pressed, with baby carrots and pink lemonade!


Yummo! The bread really made the sandwich. Willow had turkey and cheese on white bread with a plum on the side, until she saw I had carrots… then she needed carrots, too. Love it. She learned that carrots are good for your eyes because of the vitamin A. Always a chance to teach the kiddos. If Rowynn is anything like Willow, she’ll be gorgeous 🙂


We had such a fun little afternoon. We could talk about random crap all day, haha. We used to have Thursday date days and I’m hoping to make that a trend again now that she’s back in FL and all settled in. She lives a good 30 minutes from me though, so that kind of stinks. On the drive home, I couldn’t help but notice the mile markers on the interstate and kept thinking about how I used to run that far. Each marker I passed I pretended I was in a race and remembered the good ole times of pushing through, breathing hard, and giving it everything I had.

IMAG2055I keep reading other blogs who’ve gone through a similar situation as me and they all say they came to a point where they didn’t really miss “having” to get up to run or even simply running, anymore. First off, I never felt like I HAD to get up to run. I always enjoyed it and thought it was a privilege. As a matter of fact, I actually miss getting up at the crack of dawn. I got up this morning 5:45am to get ready and head to my friend Mary’s to watch Grant while she was at work. While I was driving there, around 6:30am, I just wanted to be on the trail, knocking out a tempo run before the rest of the world woke up.

Well that went off on a bit of a tangent, but as you can see, I by no means am over running or am even close to being OK with not running. I still long for the feeling of a good run. My body needs to get it’s act together ASAP!

Speaking of Mary and Grant, I’ll leave you with this fun collage of Heather/Grant selfies 🙂


Have a great weekend my friends! And go for a run for me… pretty pretty please!


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  1. You ran for all the right reasons, which I think makes it that much harder to have to stay away from it for now. Just remember it’s all temporary, and when you are holding your OWN widdle baby in your arms these feelings will all disappear into memories. You’re doing amazing, and I am legit proud of you!

    • Thank you for your wise words! And thank you for using “legit.” I love that word and find people don’t use it often enough. Just sayin.

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