Father’s Day and Some Randoms

My dad is pretty predictable when it comes to Father’s Day/ Birthday dinner requests. Just like LAST YEAR and every year before that, he always asks for Ham and Asparagus Lasagna with some form of my mom’s chocolate cake for dessert. The lasagna has an alfredo-like sauce and it’s actually REALLY good!

IMAG2088 This year, he went with the good ole classic chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It never gets old and is so delicious. I already can’t wait for his birthday in a month when we’ll have it again 🙂

fathersdaycake.jpg I had mine sans ice cream this time, but the picture looks better with the creamy stuff on top! I love my dad so much and really am a “daddy’s little girl.” Since I was such a tom boy, I always wanted to be outside with him, shooting hoops or throwing the ball. I’m pretty sure I was the son he kind of never had. He’s so funny and sarcastic and always has the right things to say, kind of like my mom. They really are a special couple and I’m glad I get to call them MY mom and dad! I really wish I was able to give them the title of grandparents by now, but things don’t always go my way, so hopefully next year!

OK. Onto the randoms… the other day at Publix they were sampling Chips Ahoy!’s new Ice Cream Creations cookies and the display was just too cute not to snap a picture of…

IMAG2083I tried both the mint chocolate chip and dulce de leche. Consensus… both yummy! I was a bit skeptical of the mint (although I love this combo) in a cookie, but it totally worked.

While shopping for my dad for Father’s Day, Kristin came across this little gem and picked it up for me…

IMAG2092 I can NOT WAIT to try it! While shopping for my mom for Mother’s Day at Williams-Sonoma, we found something similar that costs like $40 and while it’s super cool, I’m super cheap and couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on a gadget. What a great sister to surprise me with a random present. Gosh I love her!

Guess who I met for (technically) the third time?! Jeff Galloway! He came to the running store to put on a little Q&A session along with a 3 mile run.

IMAG2093I met him in December when I took 3rd place at the Space Coast Marathon and before that in 2009 when I took 1st place in my age group at the same race!

I’ll leave you with another fun deal from PRO Compression… Red, White and Blue Stars are available now…order yours in time for Independence Day AND to celebrate the USA soccer team! Get 40% off and free shipping to your US address. Click here to order and enter coupon code STARS at checkout.

All PRO Compression socks and sleeves are knit in the USA. And yes, you will look amazing! Coupon code STARS is good for until June 30, 2014 .  Don’t wait, quantities are very limited and we cannot offer back orders of this item.

And on that note… I am off to walk Riley and sweat my butt of in the 80 degree, 90% humidity FL weather. At least I get a good sweat on, haha. Have a great day folks!


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  1. I love my spiralizer – mainly because it’s really fun to use! I too am cheap and waited until I found a good deal on one instead of buying a $45 one off of amazon.

    • They are pretty good! I want to try the root beer float, but don’t want to buy a while bag… not sure how that would work in a cookie, haha. And I didn’t melt, there was actually a decent breeze 🙂

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