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Sooooooo this happened Tuesday night…


Yaaa that’s right! I finally decided to switch specialists and my first appointment was Tuesday afternoon. Todd came with me this time and I’m glad he did. He probably wouldn’t have believed that I was cleared to run. My new doc said that stress is stress. Whether you get stressed from work (nope), family life (definitely not) or exercise, it’s stress, and telling someone who thoroughly enjoys running not to, only switches the “type” of stress. All that to say, I can run again 🙂

Obviously I won’t be doing any long runs, speed work or training for any races, but I’m A-Okay with that as long as I can get a few miles in. He even said I can run every day… what? I love you doc. For now, my plan is to run a few miles every few days on the treadmill and go from there. The weather here is RIDICULOUSLY hot and humid. It was 85 with 90% humidity this morning when I walked Riley at 8am. I think staying on the treadmill will keep the stress off my body even more, at least for now.


So how did my first run go?! I got home from the appointment, put on my dirty clothes from walking Ry (trust me, you don’t want to see my mid section these days… 15 extra lbs isn’t too flattering, haha) and jumped on the tready. I did 2 miles, the first at 8:49 the second at 8:41. Let me tell you, it was humbling! I wasn’t sucking wind, but I was breathing hard and was tired at the end. I think what surprised me the most was how sore I was the next two days! Holy Moley! I felt like I had done a 20 miler or a hard speed workout. Not gonna lie, I kind like that sore feeling though 🙂 That night we celebrated with froyo as I “recovered” in my PRO socks, haha.


Speaking of froyo… my mom and I had a froyo/movie date and FINALLY watched Frozen! I borrowed the DVD from my niece and she was a little upset it wasn’t at her house so she could watch it continuously. I think my SIL was more than happy to let us borr0w it though, haha.

IMAG2060We both thought the movie was super cute! I really like Olaf’s “In Summer” song and the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” song. I’ve watched it two more times since. And on that note, I’m going to go for a run! Man, it feels great to be able to say that again! Happy Weekend, All 🙂

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  1. Woohoo your back to the grind!!! And your so right any run is a good run eh’ and you are better off on the tready right now for sure especially with 90+ temps and heat indexes reaching triple digits. I’m just running outdoors in the mornings mind you in hopes it’ll make for great endurance come fall or so I tell myself. So glad your back to running. I bet your smile is soooo HUGE lol!!! 🙂

    • I’m still smiling, days later! I get out of breath walking Riley in this heat, running outside would be suicide for me right now, haha. And training in this will make for “easier” fall races for sure!

  2. So happy to hear you’re able to run again! I actually ran for the first time tonight, myself. I think it was a whole 1.5 mile. 🙂 It wasn’t pain-free, but I had to do it just to test things out! We’ll see how sore I am tomorrow after not running for almost a year!!

    • Woo Hoo! Glad we both got in some miles that night, haha. Do you think you’re pain is still from the relaxin hormone? I tried to do a mile at 8:30 pace a couple days later and it felt like a tempo run 🙁 But I know I shouldn’t worry about pace, I just had to test it out. Hope you weren’t too sore.

  3. That is such exciting news!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every minute of every run!! I’m sure you are!! I need to watch Frozen. Dan’s niece’s bday party is going to be a Frozen theme and it’s in 2 weeks! I actually can’t wait cause it looks super cute!

    • Thanks girl! I am enjoying every sweaty moment more than you know, haha.
      You totally need to see it before her bday! I like the old school disney movies better, but I think that’s just more because I grew up with them. It was more like a musical, but was still really cute.

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