Running, Kayaking, Friends


Friday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill

Sunday: 2 miles @ 8:45 on treadmill/ AB video

Monday: 3.5 miles @ 8:45 on treadmill


Ya, that’s right. My “Workouts” section is back! It’ll probably be pretty boring for a while, but I’m happy to be running and think it’ll be cool to track my progress- which is basically starting from scratch now. Case in point, I tried to do one of my four miles on Friday at an 8:30 pace, and it felt like a pace run (like I was running a 7:00 pace) so I just did a half mile at that pace. Oh boy. I brought back my awesome 80’s Ab video on Sunday and my core is feeling it today!

This morning’s run was silly. I started at an 8:40 pace and held that for 3 miles. That’s when all of a sudden I felt a little winded and light headed. It hit me like a truck that came out of no where. I backed the pace down to 9/mile and held that for another half mile, but knew I needed to stop. I have a long way to go to get back to my normal running self, but you know what? I’m ok with that. Even these short, slower runs reaffirm how much I love running <3

Onto my weekend… Saturday morning, the whole fam damily met up to go kayaking. We did this about a month ago, but went again as part of our dad’s Father’s Day gift. Usually we go on the Hillsborough River or some other fresh water river, but this time, we went in Tampa Bay. Like THE bay- salt water and mangroves.


There was a bridge about a mile away and we decided to trek on out there. On the way, we saw two sting rays and a horseshoe crab. The sun beating down on us was brutal. Once we got to the bridge, I thought I’d climb onto part of the bridge. Oh Heather. I cut my leg on the barnacles and was then afraid the sharks would come because they could smell/taste my blood in the water, haha.

IMAG2161Ok, so it doesn’t look that bad here, but it was DEEP and bleeding a lot. Needless to say I lived and no sharks attacked us 🙂 Like I said, it was SUPER hot and I kept the family hydrated with good ole Nuun!

IMG_0320Since we were on the bay, there weren’t any inlets to pull up at and eat lunch, so we ate when we got back to the dock. As always, we had a blast, but I think we’ll keep it on the river (where there’s much more shade) unless it cool out.

That night, I had a girls night. Lately, they just been us ladies hanging out in our PJs, eating baked brie with crackers and sipping on yummy cocktails. Our latest drink of choice…

IMAG2163Effen Cucumber vodka, muddled mint and Zephyrhills sparkling water- all I had was orange, but it tasted great! I love drinks that aren’t overly sweet and this one actually didn’t have any sweetener. If you decided to make it, you might want to try muddling the mint with sugar. We face-timed Laura, our friend who lives in Seattle now, and had a mini dance party with her 🙂

Sunday was a day of driving. We drove to Dade City (about an hour away) to have lunch with some friends and visit their baby and then stopped on the way home at Todd’s mom’s to hang out a bit. I love how many people I got to see this weekend and hang out with. How was your weekend?

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    • Thanks, girl! I’m hoping to “build up” to my normal easy pace again, just nothing long mileage wise. Happy running to you , too 🙂

  1. Heather!!!! So exciting to hear!!! I’m sooo happy you’re running again!! 8:45 pace!!! That’s fabulous!!! You’re such an awesome athlete!!! Amazing!!

    • I know, I kind of can’t believe it either! It’s so gross out it’s not even funny, but that’s helping me stick to running on the treadmill.
      I’m have a great 4th, Thanks 🙂 Glad you kicked yours off by working out for 8 hours! haha Lots of BBQ eating for you this weekend!

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