Month: July 2014

More Stretching and More Cake

WORKOUTS Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill Monday: Body Pump Tuesday: 2 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Pilates Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:45 on treadmill ****** I’ve been keeping my “long runs” inside as to avoid any extra pressure/stress on my body from the heat and humidity. Anyone who knows me or has read HFR for any length of time knows that I don’t mind running on the treadmill at all. In fact, I’ve done several really long (16-20) milers as well as many speed workouts on the tready. That’s mainly because of my treadmill setup and […]

A Good Run, My Sis is Awesome, Some Random Goodness

WORKOUTS Friday: 4 miles @ 8:38 pace on trail Saturday: Rest ****** Friday morning I took Kristin and her boo, Rich, to the airport at 6AM. They were headed to the Cayman Islands for a work conference for Rich- how fun! I knew Maddie (Kristin’s dog) would be home alone for the majority of the day, so I decided to go back to the house and do my run from there. I had an easy 4 miles on tap and headed out right when I got back at 6:30 to avoid the heat/humidity as much as I could. My run […]

Heat and Humidity Suck, 26.2=???

WORKOUTS Wednesday: 4 miles @ 9:41 pace outside Thursday: Body Pump ****** I’ve been running with a girlfriend in her neighborhood on Wednesday mornings and it has been a nice change of pace… literally. I never thought I’d see the day when I was content running in the high nines. I had a great time chatting the whole way and didn’t even notice how “slow” we were going. It’s a great little partnership because she keeps me from speeding up and I hold her accountable to run. Win Win. I remember this time last year I was gearing up to train for […]

My Weekend= What?! Babysitting. Long Run. Inside Picnic.

WORKOUTS Sunday: 6 miles @ 9:00 pace on treadmill Monday: Body Pump Tuesday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill/ Pilates ****** On Saturday, we had the privilege of babysitting our niece, Addy. On our way there, we saw this motorcycle at a red light… What the?! There’s a little dog in the back, a lady with her XL soda, the driver and a freakin blue and gold macaw! How random and odd is that? The bird ducked behind the windshield when they started moving. Insane. After coloring some Dora The Explorer pictures, it was time to make dinner. I […]

Update, Mac N Cheese, 7:50AM

WORKOUTS Thursday: Rest Friday: Body Pump Saturday: 3 miles @ 9:00 pace on treadmill ****** I have a baby update for yall, but don’t get excited. My new specialist had me get a brain MRI to make sure there was nothing wrong with my pituitary glad or anything else up there and it came back clean- yay! I also had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG test) which looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and the area around them. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but I actually yelled out “OMG it hurts!” during the test, haha. Needless to say, it was uber […]

Just Some Randoms

WORKOUTS Friday: Body Pump Sunday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill Monday: Body Pump Tuesday: Pilates, 2 miles @ 8:30 on treadmill <- speed work, haha Wednesday: 4 miles @ 9:30 pace outside ****** So, there I was, on a roll with my blogging, posting every few days like a good blogger and then BAM… I worked the weekend, didn’t have much to write about and fell a little behind. Oops. Well, I’m back. Let’s start with last week. Todd tried to teach me how to play chess. I was able to play a game/match (?) but wasn’t a […]

It’s a Dog’s Life

WORKOUTS Tuesday: Pilates w/Pam at the Y. Oh how I’ve missed classes like Pilates 🙂 Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:48 pace on treadmill Thursday: 2 miles @ 8:45 on Treadmill Both runs were pretty good. Wednesday was the first time I’ve run 4 miles without stopping, so that was fun 🙂 ****** Riley leads a pretty awesome life. We rescued her from the pound when she was just 3 months old, and now, she’s a spoiled 6 year old. Boy does time fly! Here’s a look into Ry girls daily life… Her morning usually starts with a check of the […]

Pad Thai and Lo Mein with Zucchini Noodles! And a Reminder

WORKOUTS Sunday: 4 miles @ 8: pace on trail Super hard. Ran with a group who was going a bit too fast for me (8:30) had to stop and walk a bit at mile 2. Kept the last 2 nice and slow. My lack of running combined with the heat and humidity are kicking my butt! I’ll be keeping my runs inside for now. Monday: Body Pump! Yes yes yes! Mary Anne, my fave pilates instructor, also teaches BP and when she came into class and saw me she said, “MY HEATHER!”  Just like she did in my first class […]

4th of July Fun!

WORKOUTS: Thursday/Friday: 5k race Saturday: 2 miles ****** I had the most awesome opportunity through work this week. Not only did I get to run in a race, but I got to work the pre-race event and get paid, (read- I got paid to run, hang out a race and talk running with other racers). The run was at night, the 5k being at 11:35PM and the 10K at 12:15AM. The only thing that would’ve made it better would have been being able to actually race it and not just (barely) run it. Let me explain… this was only my […]

I Committed.

Three weeks ago Friday, I tried Trader Joe’s Almond Butter for the first time. Normally, Kristin and I make it at my parents house (I don’t have a food processor), but I was all of AB and not going to my parents for a few days- that’s just too long to go without almond butter. Pam and I were going on an ice cream date out by Trader Joe’s so we stopped there on the way home. Among other things, I purchased their all natural, salt added, almond butter. Now. Pam and I had gone in the afternoon and Todd had […]

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