I Committed.

Three weeks ago Friday, I tried Trader Joe’s Almond Butter for the first time. Normally, Kristin and I make it at my parents house (I don’t have a food processor), but I was all of AB and not going to my parents for a few days- that’s just too long to go without almond butter. Pam and I were going on an ice cream date out by Trader Joe’s so we stopped there on the way home. Among other things, I purchased their all natural, salt added, almond butter.

Now. Pam and I had gone in the afternoon and Todd had a work golf tournament that I knew would last well into the evening/night by the time they finished and grabbed food. When I got home, I opened the almond butter to try it out. Oh my freakin gosh, it was SO GOOD.

IMAG2116It was drippy and smooth and everything I could have imagined! The problem arose when I looked down to see that I had eaten a decent amount of it. Hmmm… what does one do when they’ve eaten a good amount of high caloric nut butter, they know their husband won’t be home for dinner and they don’t really want to quite eating it? THEY COMMIT.


Thaaaaat’s right. I ate almost half the jar for dinner and dessert. I mean, how can you resist that deliciousness? Did I get a tummy ache? Nope. But I was pretty darn full. Fast forward a week (last Friday) and all the AB was gone 🙁 I again found myself in almond butter limbo. I finally made it to Trader Joe’s this week and the AB was OUT OF STOCK! What?! The TJ employee said that their supplier increased the price of almonds and therefore they would have to pass along the cost to the customer. Well, they just weren’t having that and waited to buy them until the price was negotiated back down. Thank you Trader Joe’s. However, this left me almond butter-less and sad.

Until I got this text message this morning…


Ummmm. THANK YOU! It’s just what I needed to read before heading to an MRI of my brain! More on that later. Nothing to be worried about though. All you need to worry about is how happy I’ll be when I am reunited with my BF, AB 🙂

So, to sum it up… I eat way too much almond butter, but I guess there could be worse things. If you haven’t tried TJ’s brand of AB, dot it. You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, you can just ship me the reminder of your jar. Hope everyone’s having a great week!

What’s your favorite brand of nut butter?

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    • I tend to stick with what I know is good, but should probably branch out more. Although, that might get me into even more trouble, haha

  1. I think you may need ABA (almond butter anonymous). So are you hooked on TJ brand or do you prefer home made when you can get it?

    • A) Yes, I need ABA, haha and B) Good question, Pam! That’s a really hard one. The homemade ones have some vanilla in them and taste more like cookie dough to me, but I really love the consistency of the TJ’s

  2. I still haven’t tried almond butter and I still haven’t been to Trader Joes. Both are on my list to try. What kind of almond butter do I buy? Am I going to be grossed out at how creamy and liquidy it is? What are your must haves at Trader joes?

    • Are you available during the week? Maybe we could meet up at TJ’s! I like TJ’s salted almond butter. It’s in the plastic container. There’s a bit of oil on top, but once you mix it the first time, you’re good to go. I think it’s to liquidy for a sammie, but I haven’t tried it that way, only drizzled on things or right off the spoon (finger). I buy whatever kind that is just made of almonds- nothing extra. JIF makes an AB but it has oil and sugar. TJ’s has the best price, other than making it yourself.
      My must haves at TJ’s… obviously AB, pretzel rolls, 2 buck chuck (wine), chicken sausage, orange chicken, frozen fish. I’ve been trying out new things when I go.

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