It’s a Dog’s Life


Tuesday: Pilates w/Pam at the Y. Oh how I’ve missed classes like Pilates πŸ™‚

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:48 pace on treadmill

Thursday: 2 miles @ 8:45 on Treadmill

Both runs were pretty good. Wednesday was the first time I’ve run 4 miles without stopping, so that was fun πŸ™‚


Riley leads a pretty awesome life. We rescued her from the pound when she was just 3 months old, and now, she’s a spoiled 6 year old. Boy does time fly! Here’s a look into Ry girls daily life…

Riley Pup

Her morning usually starts with a check of the backyard. She walks out, stands there for a few minutes while she scans the yard, pees and then heads back in.


If it’s a week day, she then posts up on the couch, while I eat, do internet things, chores around the house, etc.


This is Riley’s couch. No joke. We never sit there. She has claimed it, haha. If it’s the weekend, she’s (not so) patiently waiting for Todd to wake up. I wake up naturally between 6:30-7:30am, but Todd can sleep in much longer. If I leave Riley in our room while I’m out in the kitchen/living room, she’ll wake Todd up. Sooooo, I bribe her out with a treat and shut the door, haha. Then she lays in front of the door until Todd wakes up.


During the week, Riley usually doesn’t eat breakfast, she grazes. On the weekends though, while we sit at the table and have breakfast, she usually eats. Actually, it’s always like that. If Todd and I are at the table eating, she’ll eat, if were not home or just hanging out, she just takes a few bites here and there. She lovesΒ the food by Blue Buffalo. They have a couple of flavors to choose from, and I like to mix it up for her taste buds πŸ™‚ This is one of her faves…
IMAG1962WARNING! Your dog will love this stuff (and no, I wasn’t compensated to say that), BUT it smells like fish, FOR REAL! After some kibbles, Ry girl is ready for her walk. She is ridiculous and KNOWS it’s time for a walk after breakfast. She gets all excited and jumps around. Walks are one of her favorite things.


Depending on where I take her, I’ll let her off the leash to roam, sniff and catch lizards!


She really loves bushes and hunting for lizards! It is so darn hot out, that I usually give her a doggy ice cream after to help her cool off.


The afternoon is all about hanging out and taking doggie naps.


Once Todd gets home, she’s a bundle of energy again and they roll around on the floor and play. Two peas in a pod those two!


Then we all eat dinner together. I usually jazz up her night time meal with extra pieces of whatever meat/fish were eating along with any juices left in the pan/plate.


So here’s to a day in the life of our dogter, Riley πŸ™‚ We love you little girl!


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  1. She is such a cute puppies!! Yes all adorable dogs become a puppy again in plural. I need a dogter ASAP.

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