A Good Run, My Sis is Awesome, Some Random Goodness


Friday: 4 miles @ 8:38 pace on trail

Saturday: Rest


Friday morning I took Kristin and her boo, Rich, to the airport at 6AM. They were headed to the Cayman Islands for a work conference for Rich- how fun! I knew Maddie (Kristin’s dog) would be home alone for the majority of the day, so I decided to go back to the house and do my run from there. I had an easy 4 miles on tap and headed out right when I got back at 6:30 to avoid the heat/humidity as much as I could.

My run was pretty good! I decided to just let my body dictate the pace and was pleasantly surprised when I looked down at 2 miles and saw an 8:40 pace. While this run didn’t feel as easy as my run Wednesday, I’d say it was pretty comparable since I wasn’t talking the whole time like on Wed. I figured it was OK to push the pace a wee bit at the end and finished up with an 8:38 pace. The weather is still gross, so I was happy with this run and even consider it a mini speed workout, haha.

When I got back from my run, I noticed all the little things Kristin had done for me as a Thank You for taking them…

kristreats.jpgThere were frozen grapes in the freezer for right after my run- the perfect post run cool down! A pot of coffee with her 26.2 mug she got for running the Miami Marathon. And freshly made almond butter! I love TJ’s AB, but Kristin’s homemade AB is outta this world. Like cookie dough in it’s healthiest form. It’s so good. Thanks for the goodies, Kris! Anyways… after eating, I walked Maddie, who is SO MUCH easier to walk than Riley (think half the size) and headed home to walk Ry girl before showering and going to work!

The other day I met my girlfriend Melissa (the one who does figure competitions and is a crime fighting cop!) up for coffee at Starbucks. It’s so hot out and all I wanted was iced coffee. Most iced coffee is pre-made and chilled and is usually a light/medium roast coffee. Welllll, I like a dark roast coffee and asked the barista if I could get their Komodo Dragon dark roast as an iced coffee and he proceeded to whip out some fun stuff to make me a freshly COLD brewed iced coffee.  Sure, it took a few minutes longer, but it was SO GOOD! The best iced coffee I’ve ever had at an establishment. Seriously. I know Brittany will appreciate this and I want to thank her for subconsciously helping me order something not on the menu 🙂


Speaking of deliciousness…


My super fast co-worker Mike, has a super fast girlfriend Adrienne and they have a super fun blog, Together For The Long Run. Were there enough “supers” in that sentence?! No? Well, Adrienne is also a super good baker and Mike occasionally brings in her treats to share with us and they are super delicious. This week, we sampled her S’Mores cookies and they were super yummy! OK, enough “supers,” but in all seriousness, they were so good. How did she get the marshmallows perfectly in the middle?!

Today is my Dad’s birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I LOVE that you got the Komodo pour over and then iced!! YES! A great choice of dark roast too. Awesome run, you are already building your pace back QUICKLY. I need that almond butter in my life…ohhh yum.

    • You were my inspiration for the coffee, girl! I’m trying to run a WIDE range of paces these days. The 9:30’s aren’t leaving my side yet! Any Yes, you should get/make some AB asap 🙂

  2. Ohhhh someone’s getting faster!! 🙂 I’m happy to see that you were able to open up the legs a bit. The smores cookies look soooo good haha lol 🙂

    • Slowly but surely I’m getting back into my normal pace range. But I’m not getting much “speedier” than that, haha.
      The cookies were awesome!

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