Two Good Runs and Some Random Goodness


Friday: 4 miles @ 8:35 pace on treadmill (w/ 1 mile @ 7:30)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:35 on trail


I had two really good runs this week. One was Friday, when I ran one of my four miles at a 7:30 pace! Woo Hoo! Now, I know not to push it, but I just had to get that feeling of my legs turning over and my lungs breathing heavy. Of course, this was done on a treadmill, so it’s a bit easier than doing it outside, but I still got the endorphin rush from the mini speed work, haha. I treated myself to some good ole, outta the blue box, Kraft mac n cheese. Well actually, it was a single serving cup, but it was just as good!


The second good run was Sunday. I ran with Marissa outside last week for my 6 miler and she was back in town this weekend. I never miss a chance to run with her because she doesn’t live here anymore. Seriously, love that girl! What made this run even better was that Christina, Brittany and Camille from work were also on the trail! Yay for running buddies 🙂 We even shaved 2 seconds off last weeks long run.

This should be a pic of the group, but I didn’t get one 🙁

All of my running and Body Pumping has stayed pretty consistent the past few weeks. I’m running 4-5 days a week and trying to do at least one run outside a week (more if I have people to run with) and one long run of 6 miles. I’m still keeping the paces on the slower side, but can’t help running a little quicker when I’m with friends 🙂 On the weight lifting side of things, I’ve only been doing Body Pump and no weights on my own. I’ve kept the weight much lower than I was doing pre-baby making. I rarely get sore from that class now, which is a good and bad thing. I SHOULDN’T be stressing my body to soreness, but I think every once in a while won’t hurt.

I was food prepping for the week and remembered that Christina roasted the seeds from a spaghetti squash, so I tried it (the spaghetti was on another pan, this was butternut squash) and they came out pretty yummy. Just like pumpkin seeds.


PRO Compression is having another awesome deal!!! Take advantage of super savings on all Trainer Low socks. Get 50% off and free shipping for all orders over $20 (to your US address only) with coupon code LOW. Hurry hurry… this deal expires August 31, 2014.

I tried the socks for the first time back in March and now that I can run again, they’ve been put to good use. I love the tight feel around my arch. And they don’t slip. Double win.

IMAG2136And in case you were wondering… this is how I’ve been eating my almond butter lately. Out of a shot glass. It’s a perfect 1 oz “pour” of deliciousness 🙂 I’m so creative. Ha. Happy Weekend my friends!

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  1. I have a bunion on my big toe thanks to bum shoes I wore at Starbucks my first few months and it gives me trouble all the time. I’ve been wearing my compression socks on my runs lately and NO UNCOMFORTABLE BUNION. So this means I need to get some of the mini socks for me foot!! BOOYA.

  2. Ooohhh 7:30 pace!! Way to go chica!! I know it felt awesome for you 🙂 I’m so happy for you that you were able to experience the faster turnover. I have got to try those pro compression socks and the orange would be my color of choice 🙂

    • DO IT! 50% off is the best deal I’ve seen. And the 7:30 was so great! I’ll probably try it again this week- only once though… can’t stress my body. Sigh.

      • Once is better than nothing and I’m in total agreement not to over stress the body. I had a pretty good week of training last week as well. I was able to be a good boy and contain myself on my easy runs to where it should be. I’m going to try and scope out Del Oro park in Clearwater on Wednesday to check the race course for my first of the season. I’ll post more about last week later.

  3. Great job on your runs!! 7:30!!! Yaaay!! Awesome!! Almond butter out of a shot glass? YES!!! Love it!! XOXO!! Have a great week!! You’re beautiful!!

    • Technically there is no full swing for me, haha. Gotta keep it easy. I like throwing little spurts of speed in to pretend things are back to normal 😉

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