Ohhhh, Riley Ry


Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:34 on treadmill

Monday: 4 miles @ 8:38 on trail/ Body Pump


Our precious Riley Ry has been growing bumps on her limbs. From everything we’ve read, as long as they move, aren’t rock hard and don’t bother her, they’re fine. Most likely they are just cysts. There are a couple of smaller bumps on her legs, but then one big one. She’s been licking the big one raw and while it doesn’t hurt her to touch or move then bump, I think it’s uncomfortable for her and that’s why she licks it- a dogs go-to to fix things.


We decided it was time to take her to the vet and get them check out. She does not like the vet one. bit. She gets so anxious and whines the ENTIRE TIME. She looked for every way out, haha. She even pushed the door open and got her face out. Oh my goodness, she was a hot mess.


I kept apologizing to people. I imagine this is what it’s like to be that person with a crying baby. Good practice I guess. We finally got called back and while she was still nervous, she easily got her ears looked at, her eyes checked and her bumps looked at. The doc used a needle to get out a sample from three bumps. The big bump came back as a cyst that probably ruptured. That’s why it was bothering her. Another bump was a smaller one on her body and it came back irregular.

We are definitely getting the biggest one removed, as well as the one on her body. There is an option to send off the small one to see if it’s cancerous, but we’re not sure we want to do that. We wouldn’t want to put her through chemo or anything like that, so as long as she’s happy and not in pain, we don’t see the need to KNOW she’s going to die of cancer (possibly).

Of course, all of this comes at a cost. A pretty high one, too. We’re looking at $500-800 depending on how many bumps we want removed. Again, it’s a hard decision because the other bumps are only cysts and most likely won’t bother her… but what if they do? We have to put her under anesthesia to remove the bumps. We don’t want to do that again in a year if something happens to one of the other bumps. Ugh. Decisions decisions. I’ll keep you guys updated with our Ry girl. You all know how much we love her. She is our dogter after all 🙂

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  1. Aw this just really shows how much dogs are like children. It also reminds me that I can’t afford to get a dog for a lonnnnng time (as much as I really really want one!). I hope that no matter what Riley isn’t in any pain. She seems like such a happy pup!

    • Thanks, Lauren! She really is like our kid 🙂 And she really is a happy dog! We are lucky we haven’t had any other medical issues with her. Other than shots and heart worm, this is the biggest expense so far. So maybe you CAN get a dog 😉

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