Month: September 2014

A Pretty Great Saturday

WORKOUTS Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Friday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace on treadmill Saturday: Thin Mint Sprint 5k  @ 7:45/ Guardian Angels Virtual 10k Sunday: Rest ****** Run The Edge teamed up with the charity group Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs to put on a virtual race. 100% of the registration fees ($5.95) go to the charity, who rescues, raises, trains, and then donates medical service dogs for many veterans returning with PTSD. In case you didn’t know, the Run The Edge team is comprised of Tim Catalano and Adam Goucher- yes, Kara Goucher’s husband. We all know I’m a […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

WORKOUTS Sunday: Rest Monday: 4 miles @ 8:34 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:17 pace outside/ Pilates Wednesday: Rest ****** THE GOOD Buy one get one free LaCroix sparkling water at Publix. I love a good BOGO. I’m a pretty big fan of LaCroix- even if it is super carbonated- and this was my first time trying the peach-pear flavor. Ehhh. I could take it or leave it. I probably won’t buy a whole case of it again, but it’s good on occasion. Riley photo bomb! Marker selfies… as Addy like to call them. Check out […]

Someone Slept in the Living Room and Someone’s Turning 4!

WORKOUTS Thursday: 4 miles @ 9:07 pace outside/ Body Pump Friday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:33 pace on trail ****** Remember how I told you Riley had to get 4 staples and a larger cone?  Well, as you can see in the “pre-surgery” picture below, our bed is raised and Riley likes loves to sleep under it. It’s her safe place. Her “home.” She already couldn’t fit underneath it with the first cone, but then she was given a larger cone and couldn’t turn around in our room without hitting everything. Can you see […]

WIAW: An Opening Shift

WORKOUTS Monday: 30 minutes on stationary bike/ Body Pump Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:15 pace outside/ Pilates Wednesday: Rest ****** Here’s another What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) for you! Thanks to Jenn for hosting the foodie party! Today I’m highlighting what I eat on a day that I open at work. The stores hours are 10-7 during the week and I get there at 9:45AM to open the store and get everything ready. This means I have to leave around 9/9:15. Some mornings I’ll run before work, but on this particular day I didn’t. I “slept in” until 7:15 and […]

Staples, Pumpkin Spice M&M PSA and GrillSmith

WORKOUTS Friday: Rest/ Ab video Saturday: 1 mile @ 8:35, 1.5 miles @ 7:30, .5 mile @ 8:35 on treadmill Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:30 on treadmill ****** We’ve got one ridiculous dog on our hands. I got a text from Todd on Friday when he got home from work that he was headed to the vet because Riley’s stitches were out on one of her legs. What the heck?! Her cone was on her ALL DAY! Of course the vet didn’t believe us. But it was. They ended up stapling the incision and sent them (Todd and RY) home. […]

Riley’s Surgery

WORKOUTS Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill Monday: Body Pump Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:10 pace outside/ Pilates Wednesday: Body Pump Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill ****** Riley had surgery to remove the bumps on her legs on Monday. Here’s how it went down… I took our precious dogter to the vet at 7:30AM, kept myself busy during the day and Todd and I picked her up at 5:30PM. She was put under anesthesia for the procedure and I like that the vet kept her for a few hours after the surgery to fully come […]

Some New, Random Things and a Winner

WORKOUTS Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:35 pace on treadmill Thursday: 4 miles @ 9:11 pace outside/ Body Pump Friday: 4 miles @ 8:32 pace on treadmill Saturday: Rest ****** Working at a running store gives me the opportunity to try on a plethora of shoes, try several products and taste all kinds of nutrition. Last year, GU came out with their infamous Salted Caramel flavor that stole taste buds from the first drop. This years new flavors are Salted Watermelon and Root Beer! The Watermelon was like a Jolly Rancher, with the salt part more in the background. Like the […]

A Running Study, My Kind of PSL and a BDay Party

WORKOUTS Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:34 pace on treadmill Sunday: 5 miles @ 9:00 pace outside Monday: Rest Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:30 pace outside/ Body Pump ****** A new STUDY has found that just 5-10 minutes of running a day could lower a person’s risk of heart disease and premature death. Soooooo, pass this little tid bit of information on because that’s totally do-able and WELL worth it 🙂 I love anything and everything Pumpkin. Pumpkin in my oatmeal, in my shakes, in soups, in ravioli. My mom always makes me something pumpkin for my birthday. Usually it’s pumpkin cheesecake, […]

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