Riley’s Surgery


Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill

Monday: Body Pump

Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:10 pace outside/ Pilates

Wednesday: Body Pump

Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill


Riley had surgery to remove the bumps on her legs on Monday. Here’s how it went down… I took our precious dogter to the vet at 7:30AM, kept myself busy during the day and Todd and I picked her up at 5:30PM. She was put under anesthesia for the procedure and I like that the vet kept her for a few hours after the surgery to fully come out of the grogginess. After I dropped her off, I knew I had to keep busy, but be able to have my phone by me at all times just in case they called. I went to Body Pump and then hung out with my sister. It was her and her BF’s three year anniversary, so I accompanied her on a surprise visit to Rich’s work to bring him apple fritters (his fave!). That turned into us all having lunch together at Cristino’s- my FAVORITE pizza place (see HERE, HERE and HERE). I text Todd the below picture and he was super jealous, haha.


Fast forward a few hours and it was time to pick up Riley. Poor baby. She had the cone of shame on and was more than ready to be home. She was still a little out of it and pretty tired, but overall in pretty good spirits. She HATES the cone (as most dogs do, I would imagine). We keep it on her over night and when we leave, but when we’re home with her we take it off and keep an eye on her.


When we took her to vet to get the bumps checked, the medium bump on her shoulder came back abnormal. Because of this, we decided to have the whole thing removed and sent off for testing. This means that they took a big chunk out of her and left a large incision…


Poor pup. You can see in the top picture where they shaved a bit of her left front leg for the IV, but that’s nothing compared to her incision. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but that may be because of the pain meds, haha. They didn’t cover or wrap it at all and we noticed that she’s easily able to scratch it. This scared the crap out of me the first night and I couldn’t sleep for anything. I was worried she’d scratch it open and bleed throughout the night. I called the vet the next day and they told us to put a shirt on her so if she scratches, at least it won’t be directly on her skin.


They did however wrap where they took the bumps off her hind legs. The largest bump (the one that was bothering her) had a nasty semi-hard lump in it. When we picked her up, they showed us the lump and I asked if I could have it, haha. Now I know most of you will think this is gross, but I thought it was totally cool and couldn’t believe it was in her leg!


The first night she was home, we had to get her to drink, and if that stayed down, to eat and if that stayed down, give her her medicine. This took forever and by the time we went to bed, it was 11:30- WAY past my bed time. Like I mentioned before, I was so nervous about her incision bleeding that I couldn’t sleep. I drifted in and out for a few hours when I heard her whining. Usually she sleeps under our bed, but she doesn’t fit with the cone and was laying on the floor by my side of the bed. I felt so bad for her I grabbed my pillow and laid down there with her, petting her for about 45 minutes. I climbed back into bed only to wake up at 5:25 to run with Kristen. Ahh, my first sleepless “mommyhood” night, haha.

We have a follow up appointment this evening (Thursday) to make sure everything is healing well and hopefully get the results from the shoulder bump. They said 2 days to 2 weeks, so I’m not expecting any news, but I can always be hopeful.

Right before I published this post there was a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and/or were affected in any way from the attacks. I am also thankful for those who responded and who put their lives on the line for us every day.

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  1. Oh Riley!! That picture with the shirt is so cute!! That is crazy they let you have/look at the bump. I think I would have liked to see it too! I always like to see the teeth my boss extracts. Super interesting!
    I am sure she will be fine! Positive thoughts and lots of hugs!!

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