Staples, Pumpkin Spice M&M PSA and GrillSmith


Friday: Rest/ Ab video

Saturday: 1 mile @ 8:35, 1.5 miles @ 7:30, .5 mile @ 8:35 on treadmill

Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:30 on treadmill


We’ve got one ridiculous dog on our hands. I got a text from Todd on Friday when he got home from work that he was headed to the vet because Riley’s stitches were out on one of her legs. What the heck?! Her cone was on her ALL DAY! Of course the vet didn’t believe us. But it was. They ended up stapling the incision and sent them (Todd and RY) home. Four staples…


Once home, Todd noticed Riley licking her back leg! Turns out, the cone they gave us is too small for her and she was able to reach her legs all along. So BACK to the vet they went to get a cone that fit correctly. UGH, poor Todd. Now her cone is HUGE and she barely fits through doorways, haha.

My mom came over the other day to check on Riley and give her some love. What a great “grandma!” Riley loves my parents so much! Especially after we left her with them for a month when we traveled to Asia, haha. Anywho… she surprised me with these bad boys…


Unfortunately, they were not what I was expecting 🙁 They were chocolate based and you could barely taste any pumpkin spice. For some reason, I thought they were white chocolate like last year. Maybe not and maybe I’m crazy, but I was really disappointed. I mean, they aren’t bad (they are chocolate after all!) they just aren’t what I was expecting/wanted.

Side note 1- I don’t like to use the same adjective twice in the same paragraph, so I Googled “expecting” for a synonym and this is what I got:

Synonyms for expecting

adj pregnant
 I’m going to take that as a good omen.
Side note 2- I text my mom (who’s a teacher) asking if “expecting” was, in fact, an adjective when used that way in a sentence, haha. Fact- you always need your mom.
Speaking of moms… we went to GrillSmith with the MIL and enjoyed a nice meal together. I won a gift card at work for selling the most socks in a month. Holler! Todd’s leaving again for Taiwan and wants to make sure we see everyone before he leaves, so this was the perfect set up. There is a GrillSmith halfway between her and us, so we met for lunch.
Sorry for the blurry picture! I got salmon with fresh veggies and jalapeno mac n cheese. Yummo! My salmon was cooked perfect, the veggies were indeed fresh and the jalapeno mac n cheese was delicious!! It wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy, but there was definitely a kick after having a few bites. As usual, I ate too many bread sticks. What can I say… carbs are my weakness.
Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. I got a bag of the pumpkin m&ms not too long ago and I also thought it didn’t have enough pumpkin..I could barely taste them..

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