Month: October 2014

A New Job Means a New Health and Fitness Routine

Happy Thursday, All! Since I started my new job, I’ve obviously had less time to work out and take all of the fun classes I used to take. No longer are the days of meeting people up to run at 7AM on the trail or taking Body Pump at 11:30AM. Here are my health and fitness tips that are more inline with a working woman’s schedule, haha… . #1 (and most important if you ask me) Food Prep. I’ve never been a huge food prep person, mainly because I never had to be. Working a 9 hour day (1 hr […]

TJ’s Pizza, Candy Corn= Running Fuel & Todd Has a New Co-Worker

WORKOUTS So I know I brought this section back after I was able to start running again, but since I’m literally doing the same things every week (1- 6 mile run, 3 to 4 four mile runs and 1-2 Body Pump classes) I figure I’ll get rid of the workouts for now. If I was doing tempos, intervals and pace runs, I’d be sure to share, but the same ole 4 miler gets boring to read about. I’ll just allude to my runs in my posts. ****** Let’s start with the weekend. I tried the Trader Joe’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza […]

Stuck in the Middle, Tagalong Challenge

WORKOUTS Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace outside Thursday: Body Pump Friday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill ****** For those of you who haven’t followed my blog for a while, here’s a quick run down of my current life/running situation… Todd and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. Because of my intense marathon training, low weight, previous period issues and being on birth control for a long time, I haven’t had a period since getting off of birth control in April of 2013. After taking 3.5 months off of all physical activity and […]

My Birthday Weekend: Pictures, Food and Snippets

WORKOUTS Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:32 pace on trail Monday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace on treadmill Tuesday: Body Pump ****** SATURDAY: Ran outside, ate pancakes, went to Body Pump. Did a little too much shopping, which I actually dislike very much. Dropped by a 90’s theme party. Ate dinner at my parents. Yummy stir fry and brown rice. The Trader Joe’s Jasmine Brown Rice is so easy to cook and the fluffiest brown rice I’ve had. Watched Rich’s (my sister’s BF) baseball game, while consuming Pop Rocks from the 90’s party. His team is in the playoffs and they won, […]

Police Memorial 5k

WORKOUTS Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill Friday: Rest Saturday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace outside/ Body Pump ****** LAST Saturday, I ran in the Tampa Police Memorial 5k with Melissa. It was a great event to honor the fallen police officers in Tampa. It started in front of the Tampa Police Department, where there is a really cool memorial… Right before the start, a deputy sang the National Anthem while two officers repelled down the side of the building with the flag. So cool. The course was mainly on […]

WIAW: Last Wednesday’s Eats

WORKOUTS Sunday: 5 miles on trail @ 8:29 pace Monday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace on treadmill Tuesday: Rest ****** Happy What I Ate Wednesday, folks!!! Here are my eats for LAST Wednesday. I had the day off and got to run with Jolene in the morning, so lets start there… 7:30 AM: I had a cup of coffee, followed by half a banana around 8AM. Any Military peeps out there recognize the infantry on the mug? Todd worked on that base for a while and brought me back this mug. It always reminds me of him 8:30-9:30 AM: Run with Jolene. […]

Is it Summer or is it Fall? And My Abundance of Pumpkin

WORKOUTS Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:45 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Friday: Rest Saturday: Police Memorial 5k @ 7:30 pace ****** Wednesday morning I had to chance to run with a blog reader turned friend, Jolene. I met her last year at the Space Coast Marathon and we’ve been e-mailing back and forth for a year now. It still amazes me how blogging has created cherished friendships that never would have happened. Jolene is a mother of 4, yes 4 children, who balances her running with running a family! Not to mention, she’s getting wicked fast. She had to drop […]