WIAW: Saturday and Sunday Celebrations


Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:33 pace on trail with Todd πŸ™‚

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 miles @ 8:00 pace on treadmill/ Pilates

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 8:23 pace on trail with Jolene


I’m jumping on the What I Ate Wednesday wagon again and linking up with Jenn at Peas And Crayons, to bring you my delicious eats from this weekend.

My birthday isn’t for a few weeks, but due to some unfavorable circumstances, we had to celebrate this weekend. Saturday started with a run on the treadmill and the usual oatmeal/protein shake combo for breakfast. Lunch was ham and turkey sammies with chips for Todd and veggies for me… sorry, no pictures. The star of the show was dinner and dessert. We went to my parents and had fajitas (mine as a salad so I could have more dessert πŸ˜‰ ) and black bean salad for dinner.

Fajita saladΒ Long time readers of HRF know what comes next when it comes to celebrations in our family…

Moms Chocolate PB cake

My mom’s famous chocolate cake with chocolate/peanut butter frosting. So decadent and so delicious. And yes, I take a new picture of the cake every time! Other posts including cake: Here. Here and Here… to list a few. And what is cake with out ice cream?

cake with ice cream

Sunday began in the best way… a “long run” with the hubby. Outside. On the trail. After sleeping in. Yes, you read that right. We slept in and ran around 8:30 AM because a WONDERFUL cold front came through and it was still cool and NOT humid at 8.


For breakfast I made Todd pancakes and I had oatmeal and a protein shake. I was saving room for our stay at home lunch date of Buccaneer football and sushi!

TheBucs.jpgThe Bucs lost again, but it was a good game to watch. There was a little too much showboating, which resulted in several 15 yard penalties. Disappointing. What wasn’t disappointing… lunch.

IMG_20141005_143044120We love sushi and there’s a place close to our house that has a lunch deal that’s $12.95 for 3 rolls, miso soup and ginger salad. I’m all about a good deal. In order of my favorites, I got a bagel roll, spicy tuna and tuna cucumber. All this sushi kept us full until dinner, so we kept it light and just had eggs and sauteed veggies for dinner.

Eggs and asparagusI’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that we had froyo to complete our date day. We stuck with the stay at home theme and enjoyed it on the couch while watching the new Big Bang episodes. Froyo and PRO Compression socks for the win- I DID have a long run that day, haha!

Froyo and ProWell phew! There’s how my weekend went down… food and all. Hope you guys are having a great week! Happy Hump Day πŸ™‚

What was your favorite meal from this weekend?

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  1. Whaaaat!!! That chocolate cake with chocolate/peanut butter frosting!!! Ohhhh my gosh, I need it!! I do!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Glad you had a great celebration! Fab workouts, too!! xoxoxo

  2. My favorite meal from this weekend was an Asian chicken pasta. And awww man Heather holy chocolate cake batgirl!!! Why did have to post that could you not wait until Sunday afternoon chica!!! I’m in day three of tapering which also means a sugar cutback. I want freakin’ chocolate and cookies soooo bad right hahaha lol. Anyway I hope it was loads of yumminess. Nice workouts by the way missy!! πŸ™‚

    • Your hunger is just in time for a late lunch or mid afternoon snack, haha. They also have a $9.50 deal for 2 rolls, but I always get 3… it’s just too good to pass up!

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