WIAW: Last Wednesday’s Eats


Sunday: 5 miles on trail @ 8:29 pace

Monday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace on treadmill

Tuesday: Rest


Happy What I Ate Wednesday, folks!!! Here are my eats for LAST Wednesday. I had the day off and got to run with Jolene in the morning, so lets start there…

7:30 AM: I had a cup of coffee, followed by half a banana around 8AM. Any Military peeps out there recognize the infantry on the mug? Todd worked on that base for a while and brought me back this mug. It always reminds me of him 🙂

NightStalkers.jpg8:30-9:30 AM: Run with Jolene.

9:45 AM: Iced coffee with almond milk and a tad bit of creamer and frozen grapes while stretching. Same routine as in THIS POST.


10:15 AM: Pancakes! Made with Hodgson Mill Insta-Bake Whole Wheat Baking Mix. There are three carb manholes in that stack 🙂


11 AM: Walk Riley in Carrollwood. This is her favorite place to walk, because she’s let off the leash and gets to catch lizards and run around like the silly dog she is!

Catching Lizards

12:15 PM: Finally shower and start a load of laundry. Don’t act like you’ve never waited 3 hours to shower after a run 😉 Riley got a doggy ice cream and mommy got a couple of Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s before vacuuming… Hey, it was a hard walk and I need some glycogen before tackling my chores!


1:30 PM: Lunch time snackage. When I’m home during most of the day, I tend to eat more snack-like “meals.” This day, I had left over black bean salad from my birthday dinner and a protein shake with lots of spinach and PB2 while watching DVRed episodes of Ellen and recovering the right way 🙂 It’s amazing how much black beans can fill you up!

black bean salad PRO socks and Protein Shake

3:30 PM: The laundry was done, sitting in the dryer, waiting to be folded- the worst chore there is. Before I tackled that, a few handfuls of nut as an afternoon snack really hit the spot! This picture doesn’t do it justice, but this nut canister is HUGE!


Large Nut Jar

 6 PM: I was on my own for dinner, so I had eggs and a piece of toast with a separate bowl full of veggies- broccoli, cauliflower and egg plant.

Eggs and Toast

veggies with sauce

7:30 PM: Ya, buddy! I had an ice cream date with Melissa and Pam. I got a large (as usual) with Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Macaroon and Brownie Batter.

DLitesDate.jpgNow THAT’S a fun food filled day!

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  1. OMG, that ice cream!! I want it!! My mouth is watering!! I’m so craving sweets right now!! Also, Riley is the cutest!! Just adorable!! What a precious face!! You’re pretty in pink as always!!! xoxoxo

  2. Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Macaroon and Brownie Batter.all mixed into one cup? You lucky lady!!

    p.s. why is it that dogs enjoy lizards so much? haha!

    • It’s a place called DLites Emporium. It’s a franchise, but to my knowledge there’s only 3 of them. I’m usually there once a week, haha.

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