TJ’s Pizza, Candy Corn= Running Fuel & Todd Has a New Co-Worker


So I know I brought this section back after I was able to start running again, but since I’m literally doing the same things every week (1- 6 mile run, 3 to 4 four mile runs and 1-2 Body Pump classes) I figure I’ll get rid of the workouts for now. If I was doing tempos, intervals and pace runs, I’d be sure to share, but the same ole 4 miler gets boring to read about. I’ll just allude to my runs in my posts.


Let’s start with the weekend. I tried the Trader Joe’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza for lunch on Saturday and it was delish! It’s cheeseless, but still had great flavor. You could really taste the balsamic and roasted onions. The directions say to place it right on the oven rack, but I put it on a pizza stone that I had o=in the oven while it preheated. The crust turned out perfectly crisp on the bottom, but still bready when you bite into it.


On Sunday I did my 6 mile “long run.” The weather was gorgeous, so I slept in and didn’t start until 8. Before heading out I had a handful of candy corn as some pre run fuel. I know candy corn is horrible for you and is all kinds of fake, but I like it and won’t deny it. Last year, Ashley got me Candy Corn M&M’s that were addicting!


I spent the better part of the day decorating a pumpkin- more on that later- and capped off my weekend with dinner at my parents… Roasted chicken, broccoli and a combo of roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes with onions. Very Thanksgivingy 🙂


Moving on… New people are hired every now and then at Todd’s work, but recently, he got a really awesome new co-worker…

Todds Co Worker

^^^ This girl! Yup! Todd and I are co-workers now. How exciting! I wrote about what he does HERE, but to sum it up, the company makes flight simulators for the military. They build them from the bottom up: the design, the architecture, and the software.  Todd writes the software and code and then integrates it into the hardware of the actual simulator. He then sees the program through to the final site and makes sure everything there works… hence, all the travel he does.


The sims are like real life video games. They literally teach pilots how to fly an aircraft in these! It’s a great company with great people and I’m happy to be apart of the team 🙂 Obviously Ry girl is not too happy about it. She’s used to me being home half of the day and taking her on long walks. Don’t worry though… I’m still spoiling her and getting her out on walks daily, they just aren’t as long. I’ve actually been running her for a mile on most nights.

Ry Lunch Walk

I’ve been breaking up the day (for both her and I) by coming home at lunch. We are lucky enough to live close to work, so I use my hour lunch to come home, play with Ry and grab lunch. On the weekends, I’ve been taking her to my parents to play with Maddie, my sisters dog. It’s a good change up and she loves my parents!

So far, I’m loving my job and the people I work with 🙂 It’s definitely a change from my normal lackadaisical routine, but keeping busy is really keeping my mind off of the whole baby thing, which is a good thing!

Have you ever worked with a significant other?

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  1. AWW so awesome you get to work together. I worked with the last guy I dated and it was a blast!! I know most people say it’s not a good idea, but I think in some cases it can totally work. Congrats to you on the new job too!

    • Thanks, Britt! I’m pretty excited about it. He’s in a totally different area than me so, it’s not like we’ll be together 24/7. If he bugs me too much, I’ll just tell him to get back to work, although, it’ll prob be the other way around 😉

  2. Congrats on the new gig with the huz Heather!!! Does that mean no more Fit Niche’? I used to work at the same Dr’s office with my wife for about a year and a half.

  3. That pizza looks delicious!!! I will have to pick one up!
    I used to use candy corn as fuel on my runs when i first started to run!!
    Wow! a new job huh? Congrats! I have never worked with a significant other! I am sure it will have its challenges like most things but it should be fun right!!??!! 🙂

    • I’m always finding new TJ’s must haves 🙂
      Candy corn is sugar for the soul, errr muscles, haha.
      I think it’ll be fun! I’ll rarely see him, so it’ll be fun to run into him occasionally 🙂

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