A New Job Means a New Health and Fitness Routine

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Since I started my new job, I’ve obviously had less time to work out and take all of the fun classes I used to take. No longer are the days of meeting people up to run at 7AM on the trail or taking Body Pump at 11:30AM. Here are my health and fitness tips that are more inline with a working woman’s schedule, haha…
#1 (and most important if you ask me) Food Prep. I’ve never been a huge food prep person, mainly because I never had to be. Working a 9 hour day (1 hr of lunch) leaves little time or desire for cooking at night. I have no real method to my madness, but here are some things I do:
  • Make a list. Know your staples (bread, oats, chicken, certain veggies, milk, fruits), but make a list of what you’ll need special for the week. Don’t normally buy ground beef but are making tacos, put it on the list. Never go shopping without one.
  • Grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday and stock up! Before this job, I was at Publix every other day, now, I’m buying what I’ll need for the entire week. This is where the list comes in handy, ensuring you’ll get everything you need in that one trip.
  • I make sure to have veggies chopped and ready to be cooked. This includes raw veggies for snacks and veggies to make for dinner. I even precook a few to have in the fridge just to heat up real quick.
  • I portion out snacks to take. Whether that’s nuts, chips, popcorn, etc. I have horrible self control with nuts and chips and can eat several servings in one sitting, so having them pre-portioned makes it easier to not over indulge AND have it ready to go without any hassle. It’s also much cheaper to portion things out yourself than buy the individual serving packs.
  • Make more than you need. If you’re making a crockpot meal for Tuesday night, make 4 chicken breasts instead of 2 or make a 9×13 pan of lasagna instead of an 8×8. This allows you to either eat that meal again later in the week, take it for lunch or freeze for another week.
  • For a bit more detail, check out this post, The Why, What and How- to Meal Prep Ideas, FILLED with tips, tricks and meal ideas by 30 Hand Made Days blog.

#2 Flexibility and making time for exercise. I’ve had to figure out different class times that I can go to for Body Pump and am even going on Saturday now. I’m also running in the evenings instead of the morning now. For me, it’s all about the hair. Washing and drying it takes time. Precious time that I don’t have in the morning- or at least time I’d rather be sleeping. It’s easier to come home from work, run, shower and make dinner while my hair dries and then finish blow drying it after we eat. That way I have all night for my hair and don’t have to rush in the mornings when I’m still hot from running after getting out of the shower and have to use heat to dry my hair. No. Thank You.

wet hair

My wet mop.

#3 Bring your own food for lunch/snacks. This is a big one. Buying lunch from the cafeteria/cafe or a restaurant for lunch is not only more expensive, it’s much worse for you. This goes along with the food prep thing. You can make all your lunch on Sunday or just make them the night before. It doesn’t take very long to throw a sammie together. I stress doing it the night before, because that’s one less thing you have to do in the morning, when you should be eating the most important meal of the day 😉

#4 Sneak in veggies everywhere you can. I’ve always been a big fan of green smoothies. You really can’t taste the spinach. I PROMISE! A new thing I’ve started is adding zucchini to my oatmeal. Not only does is bulk up my oatmeal, it gets another serving of veggies in my breakfast. I just grate a 1/3 or so of a large zucchini into my bowl, add a half cup oats, dash of stevia 1 cup water/milk and whatever else floats my boat (vanilla extract, cinnamon, nuts, fruit) and nuke for 5 minutes at 50% power. Done. I’ve seen zucchini added to breads, meatballs, sauces, but this was new and I love it!


#5 Make sure you move! Don’t just sit at your desk for 8 hours straight. Take a walk break every hour (or more if you can) to get the blood flowing. Walk the dog when you get home. Do crunches/planks/lunges/jumping jacks during commercials. Park father away. Take the stairs… you get the idea.

#6 Drink lots of water! This helps with #5 because you’ll have to get up and go to the bathroom a lot, haha. I keep a large water bottle at my desk and fill it up several times throughout the day. (Like the festive coffee mug?) Sometimes I add Nuun to change the flavor up or make a cup of tea.

Work Water Bottle

#7 Have a reward for eating well all day. I “treat myself” to a shot glass of almond/cashew butter or square (or 2) of dark chocolate every night. Obviously your treat can’t be a big piece of cake every night, but having something that you look forward to can help you stay on track during the day. Working in an office, there are always muffins, cookies, candy, donuts around. I just tell myself, its either that piece of pumpkin bread that’s made with who knows what or a better alternative at home. Make your own healthy pumpkin bread so it’s still a treat, but doesn’t derail your efforts. Make that shake at night or pop popcorn and sprinkle cocoa powder or cinnamon on it to make it special. When your tempted with the “bad food” at work, it might be easier to pass it up, knowing you’ll have “dessert” when you get home.

#8 Actually treat yourself. Every once in a while, eat that aforementioned candy, donuts, muffins, etc. You deserve it… every now and then. Or maybe split one with a co-worker. It’s never good to deprive yourself, but if you’re like me, it’s hard to stay on track once you’ve gone overboard.

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie... split 4 ways at a girls dinner :)

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie… split 4 ways at a girls dinner 🙂

#9 BE HAPPY. This can be harder than it sound sometimes, but it is crucial for your health and fitness. If you’re not happy, everything is harder… at least it is for me. I’ve had several less-than-happy days the past few months (as suggested by my Stuck in the Middle post) and those days just stink. Trying to focus on the positive and having a smile on my face helps me be happy. As Todd always tells me, “I just want you to be happy” 🙂 Plus, smiling’s my favorite…

I was contacted by Andrea, the Outreach Coordinator at Oscar Insurance, to do a post about keeping up with my health and fitness. Obviously, this is something that fits perfectly in line with HRF, as it’s something I focus on daily, and I hope you enjoyed my tips 🙂

What is Oscar Insurance? Well, they are a new kind of health insurance company that is using technology to make understanding insurance simple, intuitive, and human. Currently they provide health insurance for people in New York and New Jersey (neither of which is where I live 🙁 ), so check them out if you live there and if you don’t just check out my tips!

What is one thing you do to keep healthy and fit?


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  1. Those are some great tips for anyone even for the working “runner” man too Heather haha lol 🙂 I’m right there with you on the whole food prep deal, it is a lot of work but it is so worth it to do it. This is still a work in progress for me and will continue to be so. To stay fit for me it means earlier bedtimes and getting my workout in early like be up by 4:30-4:45am and out the door by 5:10am.

    • I wish I could run in the morning! That’s a perk of being a guy… not much prep to get ready! I don’t get up that early, but I still go to bed pretty early, haha. Keep up the food prep!

  2. Congrats on the new job! You hit the nail on the head with those tips. I think food prep is SUCH an important aspect of sticking to your healthy routine. I find that when I eat good, I feel good and want to continue to do more good things for my body! Slamming the water is also helpful since, like you said, it makes for more bathroom breaks!

    • Thanks 🙂 Exactly on the eating good food=wanting to do it more. I find when I eat a healthier breakfast, I have a healthier day. And heaving good for you snacks handy makes it a no brainer… most days 😉

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