Month: November 2014

WIAW: Monday’s Eats

I’m linking up with Jenn today for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday. This week at work, everyone gets Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. A LOT of people use vacation and take Mon-Wed off (like Todd), so the office is pretty dead. A fun perk we get is a free turkey for every employee, so we get TWO! Score. If you don’t want your turkey, you can donate it to The Children’s Home¬†(of which my family has been involved with my entire life) or Big Cat Rescue, to feed to the lions and tigers and bears, oh my! […]

Offical Co-Workers and the Cold Week

I hope I haven’t overloaded you guys with “Todd-ness” these last few posts! What can I say? I’m glad he’s back in time for the Holidays (if you recall, he was gone October through December last year.) Todd took the week after he got back from Taiwan off as vacation, so our official first day as co-workers was Monday… and it was AWESOME! He has a bit more flexible schedule than me, so we got to work at different times. Once I got in, he came over to my desk to welcome me to the company and check out my […]

Our Anniversary Weekend

Friday, November 14th was Todd and I’s 4 year wedding anniversary. You don’t know how happy it made me that he was back home in time! Work travel has its perks (like getting MY travel paid for, too) but it most definitely has its drawbacks! Todd said he’d do everything in his power to be home this anniversary and he delivered ūüôā¬†We decided to take a mini weekend vacay to Orlando to celebrate.¬†Not going to lie, I did a horrible job at getting pictures this weekend. It just wasn’t on the top of my mind but I did get a […]

Todd. Is. Back. ALRIGHT!

I hope you read the title like the song, “Back Streets Back, Alright!” Sooooo, I’ve been keeping a little something from you guys… Todd’s been in Taiwan again for work for the past 5 weeks. While it’s much better than the THREE MONTHS he was there last year, it still sucked. This is why we “had” to do my birthday early and why he wasn’t there at Cristino’s for my birthday pizza. That was such a great family picture and it would have been complete with him (and Riley and Maddie (Kristin’s dog)) of course! Speaking of Maddie… My mom […]

Random Ramblings

A few weeks ago,¬†I got a mosquito bite ON MY HEAD right before I was getting in my car. Ugh. I react pretty bad to mosquito bites and they become large and red and itchy. JUST the way I wanted to show up to a high school football game. It was worse in person… If you drive an expensive, luxury, new car, that doesn’t give you the right to park in two spots like a douchbag. Get over yourself. The other day I ran in the morning and only had a few minutes to grab something to eat before heading […]

WIAW: Halloween Edition

I’m linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons today for another What I Ate Wednesday! 6:00 AM-¬†Wake up, let Ry out, drink water while doing my make up. This involves very little- eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush. Make oatmeal for work. Rub Riley’s belly. 6:45 AM-¬†Protein smoothie: scoop of protein powder, ice, almond milk, spinach, stevia, pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. 7:10 AM- Leave for work… dressed the part… 7:45 AM- Coffee coffee coffee. Check e-mails. Do my thang. 9 AM-¬†Halloween Cookie Pizza delivered to my desk. Chocolate chip cookie crust, melted Reese’s as the sauce and cut up […]

Six Words Per Sentence Sunday

Finally Florida got the Fall memo…   Had to run longer than allowed… Streamed the NYC Marathon live online… Sunday Funday means eating good food… ^Turkey Pumpkin Chili was the bomb! Buffalo Cauliflower, Beet Hummus,¬†Delicious Rolls… Riley made a new friend, Corona… Yummy Sunday dinner at my parents… Stole work clothes from my sister… Ended my night the best way… Give me your six words…  

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