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A few weeks ago, I got a mosquito bite ON MY HEAD right before I was getting in my car. Ugh. I react pretty bad to mosquito bites and they become large and red and itchy. JUST the way I wanted to show up to a high school football game. It was worse in person…

MosquitoBite.jpgIf you drive an expensive, luxury, new car, that doesn’t give you the right to park in two spots like a douchbag. Get over yourself.

Douchbag Car

The other day I ran in the morning and only had a few minutes to grab something to eat before heading to Body Pump. So I did what any normal person would and made some Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ravioli to eat on the drive there. Hear me out… there are 40 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein in a serving. The perfect ratio of carbs/protein for after a run. And like I said before, it has an itty bitty sweetness and not an overwhelming savoriness that actually makes it perfect for breakfast 🙂

Car Pumpkin RavioliRiley is helping me quite my sugar free creamer addiction


And she’s be loving sunning outside. I’m just glad she’s choosing to lay on the concrete and not the grass. Much less dirt to clean up when she comes in.

Riley Sunning

I’ve been putting cocoa powder in my zoatmeal. Dot it.

Cocoa Zoatmeal

I’ve been using this mug for my coffee at home the last 5 weeks… I’ll tell ya why in my next post, but see if you can guess based on THIS post.

160th mug

I beat my time from last week and wasn’t even trying. I love running in cool weather. Shoot. I love running period 🙂


Give me a random from your week/weekend…

PS… I love the new fall PRO Compression sock of the month!

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  1. DAYUMM look at that wedding ring!! HAHA, blingggin. AHH I’ve totally had bug bites on my face before, the WORST. Umm total douchery parking. That is all.

    • I’ll pass along to Todd that he did a good job, haha. And I itch like crazy when I get bit, so it tool everything I had not to scratch the crap out of it!

  2. Ouch to the bug bite, but when I looked at the pictures, all I saw was a beautiful woman!! You are SO gorgeous!! Great job on your run!! Awesome!! Also, such cute pictures of Riley!!! Such a cutie pie!!! Have a lovely week!! XOXO

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