Todd. Is. Back. ALRIGHT!

I hope you read the title like the song, “Back Streets Back, Alright!” Sooooo, I’ve been keeping a little something from you guys… Todd’s been in Taiwan again for work for the past 5 weeks. While it’s much better than the THREE MONTHS he was there last year, it still sucked. This is why we “had” to do my birthday early and why he wasn’t there at Cristino’s for my birthday pizza. That was such a great family picture and it would have been complete with him (and Riley and Maddie (Kristin’s dog)) of course!

Todds Home

Speaking of Maddie… My mom came over Saturday to watch The Fault in Our Stars with me, as we both read the book, but never made it to the theater to see the movie, and she brought Maddie. Riley always loves a play date 🙂 They were playing tug of war and Riley got lazy and just held onto the tarp (yes, she has a tarp as a toy, she’s our trash dog) and Maddie was pulling her around. It was hysterical.

Tug of War

Back to Todd <3 If you’ve done the math, you’ll realize that he was gone while I started my job at HIS company, haha. It’s kind of good, as I was able make my own way the first 3 weeks, but I was still known as Todd’s wife. Introductions at work went like this… “Hi, I’m Heather Winchell.” “OHH, Hi! You’re Todd’s wife right?!” Followed by, “When’s he  getting back?” I felt so bad for the guy who sits behind me. He must have heard the same questions a million times and know exactly when Todd was getting back and how he was doing over there.

While he was gone, there was a pumpkin decorating contest at work and I submitted one for his department. My mom came over and we used our creativity to figure out how to make a simulator.


I kept e-mailing Todd pictures to make sure it looked correct and get his opinion. While we didn’t win, everyone still loved it and I thought it came out pretty good!


He brought back some peanut butter (?) he bought in Taiwan. He made himself PB&J’s everyday with the hotel bread and jam packets, haha. Gotta love it.

TaiwanSkippy.jpgSince he’s been back, he’s taking vacation from work and just hanging out at home. I’m a little jealous, but he’s earned this down after working 60-70 hours weeks. I know Riley is loving it! He’s playing rough with her like daddy’s do and giving her lots of walks!

Ry Walk

Of course we had to get a froyo date in ASAP 🙂


Don’t mind the mop on my head… I had just showered and was letting it air dry. So happy you’re home Todd!!! MUAH!

Did you notice Todd was missing from HRF?


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  1. I’m glad you have your man back. My husband doesn’t travel nearly as much as he used to, and I’m thankful to have him around. However, it’s always fun to get to take adventures 🙂

    Cute pumpkin! 🙂

  2. Happy to hear that the huz is back in the fold again with you Heather!! And I must let you know that you have changed my view of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse forever. Ever since you mentioned about you rapping the Juicy J part whenever the song comes up on my playlist I just picture rapping hahaha I can’t get thay image out of my head lol 🙂

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