WIAW: Monday’s Eats

I’m linking up with Jenn today for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday.

This week at work, everyone gets Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. A LOT of people use vacation and take Mon-Wed off (like Todd), so the office is pretty dead. A fun perk we get is a free turkey for every employee, so we get TWO! Score. If you don’t want your turkey, you can donate it to The Children’s Homeย (of which my family has been involved with my entire life) or Big Cat Rescue, to feed to the lions and tigers and bears, oh my! OK. Onto the food…

I have a doctors appointment today and have to leave work early, so I had to make up the time I’m missing in the previous days. This means getting in early. Normally, I have a green smoothie for breakfast at home and then head into work, but this week was a bit different.

6:00 AM= Wake up, brush my hair and teeth, do make up, make oatmeal, and yogurt. Snag a spoonful of homemade almond butter from my new food processor. Yes, I finally got one!


7:00-7:30 AM= Get to work, make coffee, check e-mails, read e-mail that a girl brought in pumpkin pie, head to girls desk to get a slice. There is no picture of said pumpkin pie slice because it was consumed at girls desk, among chatter and “water cooler” talk. What a sweet way to start the day ๐Ÿ™‚

8:30 AM= Eat yogurt-> Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and stevia.

Work Pumpkin Yogurt

9:30 AM= Eating, yet again. It’s zoatmeal time! Coincidentally, this time I had pumpkin pie spice mixed in! Must be the theme of the morning. Like the drawings on my board? A co-worker’s kids came in with her over the weekend and left me those, haha.

Thanksgiving Zoatmeal

Work. Work. Work. Some Dasani Berryย Sparkling water.

Dasani Berry Sparkling Water

12:15 PM= Meet my mom at Chick-Fil-A for lunch! A location close to work was recently remodeled (it’s HUGE!) and they handed out free sandwich coupons at work, so that’s awesome.

Chick-Fil-A Original Chicken Sandwich

We both got the Original Chicken sammie. I mean, how can you go there and NOT get that? Did you know that you can order it without a buttered bun? Yup! I mean, the fried chicken stands by itself, you don’t need more sat fat to make it taste better. To healthify the meal a bit, we got side salads for some greens. It was a great lunch with great company ๐Ÿ™‚

Mom Lunch Date

3:30 PM= My usual afternoon snack of an apple and dry roasted peanuts. Simple, yet so good.

Apple and nuts

I got off work, headed home real quick to change and met Christina up for an easy run at the trail. We did 4 miles and had a lot of catching up to do, so we took it nice a slow. She’s been super swamped with her new gig as a Brooks Guru. It’s a super cool job, but has her traveling quite a bit, so it was nice to meet up and do something we both love ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday Run

6:30 PM= Dinner time! Roasted chicken and rosemary potatoes with broccoli. Healthy and filling!

Chicken Broccoli Potatoes

8:00 PM= Pam and I met up for our weekly ice cream date! I got a large banana cream pie, caramel macchiato and chocolate… and then proceeded to finish hers because she was full. Heather’s stomach doesn’t know the meaning of full… it’s a flaw of mine.

DLites Ice Cream

9:15 PM= Get home and finally spend some time with Todd. I’ll admit, I was a bit selfish on Monday. Since Todd was home all day with Riley, I took full advantage of not having to worry about her (sorry Ry!) and went out and did things I wasn’t able to when Todd was in Taiwan. Don’t worry, they survived and spent some quality father dogter time together ๐Ÿ™‚ย It is Thanksgiving week after all and I am so Thankful for both of them!


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