Month: December 2014

2015! MyProtein and TJ’s Finds

When MyProtein reached out to me to try their products, I couldn’t resist! I was sent their Peanut Butter, Impact Whey Protein Powder and Omega 3 capsules. Let’s start out with my favorite thing… the Peanut Butter! It’s nothing but straight up peanuts. Perfect. And look how big the container is compared to my TJ’s cashew and almond butter… And it is perfectly drippy! Is that a good adjective? Maybe runny or liquidy? It’s not the best to make a sandwich with because of this, but we all know my fave way of eating nut butters is in a shot glass […]

Love (read- Gifts) Don’t Cost a Thang

By far, my favorite Christmas gift was the gift of running! I gave this to myself on Christmas Eve day, when I ran a mini workout of 1 mile warm up, 4 x .75m @ 7:30 pace w/.25 recovery and 1 mile cool down. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to make that 7:30 pace quicker, but I didn’t want to push it too much, since I was already breaking the rules. Then Christmas day, after making breakfast at The Children’s Home and opening presents at my parents, Todd dropped me off at the trail on our drive home and I ran […]

Merry Christmas

Last year, Christmas was spent traveling in Asia. In case you’re a newer reader, Todd does a lot of traveling for work and last year he was in Taiwan for 3 months prior to Christmas. The company he (now we) work for will pay for a person’s significant other to visit them if they are gone 12 weeks or longer, so my flight out there was free We used that as a reason to explore Asia for almost a month as a last big trip before a baby. Haha. If only that were true. Anyways, you can read about our adventures […]

Random Bits of Holiday Fun!

I’d say that I’ve had just the right amount of holiday shindigs to go to and a good amount of treats this holiday season. I figured I could recap some of the fun stuff that’s gone on over the past month, so here’s a look at some of my holiday fun! Food. There is some treat at work everyday! One manager has a habit of coming over before his meetings to offer me my choice of donut. Now, these aren’t Dunkin Donuts (although those are pretty good) or just some generic fried dough, they are Nicolas Donuts and they are […]

HRF Baby Making

* WARNING: There will be random pictures throughout this post that don’t apply to the content, but I feel you need them to break up all the words.* We had another appointment yesterday with the specialist and have come up with a baby making plan. Possible TMI to follow, so read at your own will… To recap a bit, Todd has a semen analysis done and, as the doc put it, Todd’s THE MAN (like I didn’t already know that 😉 ). He said that all his numbers came back great. This is a VERY good thing because had they […]

WIAW: A WHOLE Chicken in the Crock Pot

I’m linking up with Jenn and Peas And Crayons for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Are you guys still enjoying theses posts? Or should I do the bi-weekly? Be honest.   6:30 AM First cup of coffee of the morning at home with this delicious Califia Farms Almond Milk Holiday Nog find as the creamer… It’s definitely thinner than regular egg nog, but is also only 50 calories and 8g sugar for 1/4 cup instead of 150. I’ve been enjoying it in my coffee in the mornings and at night with my nut butter 7:30 AM A new to me […]

*My/Our Company Holiday Party*

Last weekend was Todd and I’s company (it never gets old) Holiday party. The theme was fire and ice, so they had a flame thrower during cocktail hour and then dry ice on the dinner tables. There wasn’t too much that actually went on with the theme, but that’s OK. We arrived half way through the cocktail hour because we had to make a pit stop at Target to get a KEY accessory for the night. Once we arrived, we took some pictures with friends, grabbed some drinks, found seats and listened to our President give a little speech. Then […]