WIAW: Just a Typical Day at the Office

Here’s another day in the life of HRF’s tummy! Thanks to Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

 Peas and Crayons

8:00 AM: I brought zoatmeal, but ended up having this…

Nicolas Donut

A frosting filled chocolate glazed huge donut from Nicolas– the best donut place around. So sweet and the perfect pairing to my Starbucks Anniversary Blend coffee 🙂

9:00 AM: Fage 2% Greek yogurt with left over homemade cranberry relish. So.Good. I didn’t get a pic, which is surprising, since I ate this every day last week as part of my breakfast.

12:30 PM: I had to run some errands during my lunch hour, so I ate lunch at my desk.

Lentils Chicken Green Beans

Lentils mixed with chicken and green beans on the side. Simple, yet so good!

3:30 PM: Snack time! A PB&J on a sandwich thin for the win!


I really like making my PB&J’s on thin bread so that I can taste both the PB and the J without having to use a ton of both to overpower the bread flavor. Does that make sense? That way I can keep it around a 250 calorie snack, instead of a 450 calorie meal.

5:45 PM: I ran at home on the treadmill and immediately finished off the rest of the stuffing. Yes, it was cold, right out of the fridge. I’m a sucker for left overs, even cold… I’m definitely my father’s daughter.


6:45 PM: I finished sweating, stretched and cooked dinner.

Fajita Salad

Fajitas for Todd and fajita salad for me! I’ve been using the chop sticks Todd brought back from Taiwan 🙂

8:00 PM: Youuuuuu guessed it! My shot glass!

3 Butters

This time I had 3 butters. TJ’s almond and cashew and my homemade almond butter. I love the combo. So. Good.

Are you a fan of left overs? Do you eat them cold?

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  1. Yesssss I’m a fan of leftovers and noooooo I don’t eat them cold haha! Some foods are better leftover, they just need that extra night for the spices to sink in 🙂 and man that doughnut Heather!!! Did ya’ have to go there and post it! Just kidding lol 🙂 I declare we are like minded on the sweets deal. We’d be dangerous if left alone in a bakery haha lol!

  2. Loving that cup of nut butter <3 actally, loving all the eats! I am a sucker for fridge leftovers too.. they're just such easy snacks! And I TOTALLY understand what you mean abuot using thin bread for pb&j's… I always have to use so much so I can actually taste the fillings!

    • Left overs are yummy, easy and fast. Can’t beat it! Glad someone else out there understands my PB&J thoughts, haha. Half the time, I end up eating a sammies worth of PB&J while making the darn sandwich!

  3. I am always eating leftovers, and yes I eat them cold! Sometimes I cook extra food when I make dinner so I can bring it for lunch the next day. I don’t like how the microwave can make my food all soft and mushy so Im happy to eat it cold. Cold stuffing actually sounds amazing:)

    • Extra left overs for lunch is ALWAYS a must! Seems like I’m getting some good support on the cold left overs… that makes me happy 🙂 and now I want more stuffing haha

    • Agree to disagree 😉 Bread is also a fave of mine and in most situations I want it to be the start of the show… but when it comes to PB&J, the PB has got to shine!

  4. I am the QUEEN of bringing food to work with good intentions and end up eating from the craft table- boo. Your lunch looks amazing however, I love lentils

  5. Actually, whenever I go to the Whole Foods hot bar, I specifically toss it in the fridge two hours prior to eating it so that it’s cold. Cold roasted sweet potato cubes? MMMF.

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