*My/Our Company Holiday Party*

Last weekend was Todd and I’s company (it never gets old) Holiday party. The theme was fire and ice, so they had a flame thrower during cocktail hour and then dry ice on the dinner tables. There wasn’t too much that actually went on with the theme, but that’s OK.

We arrived half way through the cocktail hour because we had to make a pit stop at Target to get a KEY accessory for the night. Once we arrived, we took some pictures with friends, grabbed some drinks, found seats and listened to our President give a little speech.

Party Friends

Todd was sleepy

Then it was time for dinner. No, I didn’t whip out my phone to take a pic, haha, but we had salmon, steak, salad, rolls, and some other random sides. Dessert was a buffet. Todd and I split one of everything… we’re fatties like that 😉 My excuse was that I had to have something to soak up all the alcohol I’d be drinking, haha.

XMas Party

Getting back to the “accessory”… You see, each employee was given 2 drink tickets, but after that, you had to purchase your own drinks. Rumor had it that several people were bringing their own libations, so I followed suit 🙂

Santa Flask

I was up talking to everyone, dancing and having a good time. I even schmoozed a bit with my boss and his wife. They are good people, so it was no biggie. There was a photo booth and I took full advantage of that. I’ll only post one strip from that, as to not bore you, haha.

Photo Booth

The company took a really nice picture of Todd and I in front of the Christmas tree, but that won’t be published for a while and I wanted to get this post up before then, so maybe you’ll see that by next year, haha. Instead, I’ll show you what I look like when I’ve reached my happy drinking place…

Big Smile

We had a blast and ended up leaving around 11:30 PM. Late for us, normal for most and early for some. OF COURSE I capped the night off with a NUUN tab. Those electrolytes came in handy the next morning. Fo Real!

Nuun Cocktail

Yaaaa… that face needed some Nuun

 Does your work have a holiday party?

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  1. I’ve never been to a party with a flame thrower before! Actually I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a flame thrower in real life. I’ve see the fire dancers but I think that’s different. What an awesome office party!

    I’ve been doing the Nuun after drinking thing too. I think it helps with the next morning 🙂

    • Ya, it was pretty neat, although we missed most of it because of the flask purchase haha. I really do think the Nuun helps! I woke up the next morning feeling fine and got in a nice 6 miler. That’s a win in my book!

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