Merry Christmas

Last year, Christmas was spent traveling in Asia. In case you’re a newer reader, Todd does a lot of traveling for work and last year he was in Taiwan for 3 months prior to Christmas. The company he (now we) work for will pay for a person’s significant other to visit them if they are gone 12 weeks or longer, so my flight out there was free 🙂 We used that as a reason to explore Asia for almost a month as a last big trip before a baby. Haha. If only that were true. Anyways, you can read about our adventures last Christmas in the following posts: Getting There    Kaohsiung Day 1 & 2    Kaohsiung Day 3    Taipei 10k    Hey Hey From Taipei    Kyoto, Japan. There are a few places I STILL haven’t recapped, but I promise I will in the near future. Promise.

The Great Wall China

Christmas Eve was spent with the Winchell side of the family at my mother in laws. We had a yummy dinner, hung out and opened presents.


Being as I started this blog in February of 2013, you guys/gals haven’t had the chance to see what a typical Christmas Day is like for my family, so here it goes… Ever since my sister and I were little girls, we would go to The Children’s Home, a place for abused and neglected kids, and make them Christmas morning breakfast! My dad has been involved with The Children’s home for over 30 years and it was a big part of our childhood. All the kids LOVE my dad and I totally understand why 😉 We would get up Christmas morning, open one present and then go make breakfast.


Every year it’s the same. We make Mickey Mouse waffles (with and w/o chocolate chips) a crowd favorite, my mom does omelettes and toast, Todd cooks the bacon and there’s a hot cocoa bar filled with sugary toppings! What does my dad do? Supervise 😉 The kids eat in a dining hall, so they come up and ask for whatever they want and we make the plates for them. It’s so awesome to see their smiling faces on a day that I’m sure is hard for them. It’s a great tradition that I hope we never give up and one day are able to do the same with our kids.

XMas Breakfast2014

Kind of random, but this tradition is so special to us that throughout the years you could tell who a serious boyfriend was by if my sister or I brought him to Christmas breakfast. I only brought 2 guys… one of them being Todd <3 The other way you know you’ve been accepted into the family is by getting a stocking… Only one boy has been lucky enough for that!


After The Children’s Home, we go to my parents house and open the rest of our presents. Well actually, Todd goes to our house to pick up Riley and I ride back with my mom. We start with the stockings and then unwrapping ensues.


We smell like bacon grease and waffles, so after presents we head back to our house to shower and then go to my grandma’s for Linner. As usual, I ate way too much, but that’s what the Holidays are for. Enjoying time with loved ones and eating what you please. Moderation went out the door for me, both at my MILs and my grandmas, and I can honestly say I’m OK with that. I’ll get back on the healthy bandwagon soon enough 🙂

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I know I did 🙂

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    • I think it is great tradition that teaches exactly what you said, giving back. I think it’s great for kids to learn that Christmas isn’t ALL about getting gifts.

      I can’t believe it’s been a year since that trip!

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