Love (read- Gifts) Don’t Cost a Thang

By far, my favorite Christmas gift was the gift of running! I gave this to myself on Christmas Eve day, when I ran a mini workout of 1 mile warm up, 4 x .75m @ 7:30 pace w/.25 recovery and 1 mile cool down. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to make that 7:30 pace quicker, but I didn’t want to push it too much, since I was already breaking the rules.

Then Christmas day, after making breakfast at The Children’s Home and opening presents at my parents, Todd dropped me off at the trail on our driveย home and I ran there a few miles and then home.
XMas2014Run.jpgMy pace was a Christmas miracle! The temperature was in the mid 60’s and it was perfect running weather! I felt awesome the entire run, which I was surprised about since I had eaten quite a few chocolate chip pancakes a few hours earlier. I thought they would be dense carb bricks in my stomach, haha. But no! I wanted to run more, but didn’t have the time. I had to get home to shower and head to grandmas.

The day after that, I was able to run with Marissa! I haven’t been able to run with her in MONTHS and I was syked she was in town for Christmas and text me to run.

MarissaRun.jpgWe were a sweaty mess! I don’t think FL got the winter memo. It’s been warm and humid the past few days. GROSS. It’s a good thing I was accepted as a NUUN Team Member again! Woo Hoo! I need those electrolytes ๐Ÿ™‚ Marissa wasn’t a fan at first, but found that mixing the flavors makes it twice as good… glad we have another convert!

Back to the gifts…

FoodGifts.jpgMy mom must be reading the blog, because she made me cranberry relish as one of my presents! And she made Todd strawberry jam for his PB&J’s. He prefers strawberry over grape and obviously homemade over store bought. It was perfect timing, as he, my dad and Kristin’s boyfriend Rich, played golf the next day and I always send him with a PB&J to keep him at the top of his game ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of food gifts… ย I gave my dad a homemade nut mix. He always buys the Monster Mix from Target that has nuts, peanut butter and chocolate chips, M&Ms and raisins.

Triple MI bought a huge pretzel container from BJ’s Wholesale, emptied it, and added Planter’s Deluxe Nut Mix, white and regular chocolate chips, M&Ms and raisins. It is SO.GOOD. Obviously. It’s nuts and chocolate, haha. I found that if you eat a pecan with 2 white chocolate chips, it tastes like pecan pie. Random. I know.

Riley also made out good. She got a bag of treats, a raw hide bone, a squeaky rubber toy and the “world’s tuffest soft dog toy”….

TuffDogToy.jpgYaaaaaa. It took her all of 20 minutes to destroy that bad boy. It squeaks and that makes her even more determined to rip it apart. She tookย all the stuffing out and 2 of the 3 squeakers. Ironically, she’s left that third squeaker in there. Now, she carries that thing around the house all day long. It’s her new favorite toy. Thanks grandma and grandpa <- my mom and dad.

So as you can see, I don’t need gifts that cost a lot of money to make me happy… well, sometimes I do ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sometimes it’s the little things (tangible or not) or the things from the heart that mean the most!

What was your favorite gift this holiday season?


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  1. Glad you had a great Christmas! I am a runner as well but I’m currently out of order. Haha! In physical therapy and should be running soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait!

  2. Yaaaay about your fabulous run and about being a Nuun team member!!! That’s fabulous!!! You always rock it out and are absolutely gorgeous and just the best!! Happy Holidays!! Have the best week!! XOXO

    • Fabulous… I need to use that word more ๐Ÿ™‚ You are quite gorgeous yourself lady! Hope you’re having a fabulous (see what I did there) week! XOXO

  3. Absolutely, sometimes the gifts that don’t cost a thing are more valuable!! I would have loved to have gone for a run on Christmas, but i haven’t run since Thanksgiving because I’ve been sick…what a gift that would be!!

    • We had some left over trail mix and I’ve been eating it like crazy. I told Todd to hide the container because I just couldn’t stop, haha

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