2015! MyProtein and TJ’s Finds

When MyProtein reached out to me to try their products, I couldn’t resist! I was sent their Peanut Butter, Impact Whey Protein Powder and Omega 3 capsules. MyProteinProductsLet’s start out with my favorite thing… the Peanut Butter! It’s nothing but straight up peanuts. Perfect. And look how big the container is compared to my TJ’s cashew and almond butter…


And it is perfectly drippy! Is that a good adjective? Maybe runny or liquidy? It’s not the best to make a sandwich with because of this, but we all know my fave way of eating nut butters is in a shot glass and this PB is perfect for that! Even Riley wants some of that action 😉 Dog Nose!

Riley PB Shot Glass

The Protein Powder is summer fruit flavored and really tasty! It kind of tastes like Strawberry Nesquik with a bit of banana. I use it on its own with just water, in shakes with spinach, water and ice, and mixed into cottage cheese and plain greek yogurt. YUM!


The Omega 3s are MUCH better than the Trader Joes ones I started taking a while back. The TJ’s ones leave a fishy after taste and it’s gross. I’d have a little hiccup or burp and it would taste like fish. Sorry for the TMI… just a warning. The MyProtein ones taste like nothing! Just like the should. Overall, I am pretty darn impressed with the quality and taste of the products I received and have nothing but good things to say about them. If you’re in the market for anything similar, check em out!

Other yummy things to check out…

TJsFinds.jpgSince I slammed Trader Joe’s a bit about their fishy Omega 3s, I’ll make up for it by highlighting my latest TJ finds. The cheese were both the bomb.com. We LOVE hard cheeses and the 1,000 day gouda is so gooda! And the smokey cheese is also a gouda and can easily stand its ground on a sammie. I always buy NUT butters, so this time I went for a SEED butter. It was a good choice 🙂 And then we have the Thai Green Curry- thoughts in a later post.

So there you have it! Some delicious, new to me products that are going to help me be happy and stay healthy in 2015! Happy New Year!!!


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    • Hmmm, I’m trying to imagine the sunflower seed butter with chocolate. While I’m sure I’d like it (there are few things I don’t) it seems weird.

  1. Yummm peanut butter! LOL I’ve never heard of MyProtein. I use mostly plant based protein powders, but I’m always looking for ones that taste better haha. Hope you’re having a happy New Year! XO

    • I’ve never used a plant based protein, although I’ve heard the texture is pretty different. I’m always up for trying something new 🙂 Happy New Year to you, too!!!

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