Month: January 2015

Confessions Part 2

Ya, I know… I JUST did a confessions post. BUT I did say there were some things that I forgot about and I’m here today to tell you them! I wore the same pair of shorts THREE times without washing them. Sure, I wear the same pair two times in a row, but three? I sweat less in the cooler temps and the third run was on our treadmill, so it’s not like anyone could smell my stank! I also wore the same pair of socks twice. Now that’s a little gross, but hey… I did it and these are my confessions, […]

WIAW: Switching It Up

I feel like my “at work” WIAW are probably getting boring for you guys and gals. During the week, yogurt/zoatmeal, some form of eggs or salad, a PB&J or apple are just the easiest things to make and bring or keep on hand at home. This week I’m going to switch things up and share my Sunday eats… Breakfast: It was rather cold for Florida on Sunday (low of 54) and I knew I could sleep in and still have perfect running weather, so that’s what I did. I ended up sleeping until 8:15ish 🙂 Once I got up, I had some water and […]

Healthified Recipes. Tested and Tried.

I, along with the help of my sister, the chef of the family, tested out a few healthified recipes I found on a few fun blogs. Here are the results… Fried Rice It seems the cauliflower rice trend has come and gone.  However, a while back I thought it was about time to try it out, so I went to my parents to meet up with Kristin up for lunch. It was pretty easy to do. I cut a head of cauliflower up into chunks and put it into the food processor a few pieces at a time. I didn’t want to […]

. Thinking Out Loud .

I’m linking up with Amanda for her “Thursday’s are for thinking out loud” posts. I figured, it’s kind of like my fave confession posts, so I’m gonna roll with it. * I made a huge batch of lentils over the weekend and I’m afraid they’ll go bad. Actually, I know they won’t go bad, because I NEVER waste food. I think I’m just afraid I’ll get bored with them. You can’t eat too much of them right?! I mean, they are a perfect protein/carb food. * Body Pump 92 was released this week at my Y (it was superhero themed) and […]

To _____ Or Not To _____… THAT is the Question

To 15k or not to 15k? The Gasparilla Distance Classic is easily Tampa’s biggest running event. There is a huge expo and there are 4 races total (half marathon, 15k, 8k and 5k) over the two day weekend. As we all know, I’m not supposed to be doing any kind of training, racing or long distance running. I’ve had several people ask me if I’m going to race run that weekend and up until a few weeks ago, my answer was no. The 5k (Saturday) is PACKED, plus, that’s the distance my parents usually do and I go to cheer them […]

Scatterbrained Saturday

Happy Weekend Folks! I’ve got a bunch of randomness for you today. My weekend started off with a girls night Friday. These nights usually consist of wearing PJs, drinking wine, munching on some kind of food and being silly. Last night, we had cheese, salami, nuts and crackers. Perfect wine pairing! After I publish this post, I’ll be headed to the Y for my normal Saturday routine… Body Pump, followed by a nice run outside. Part of the trail I run on passes by the Y and now that my long runs are only 6 miles, I don’t make it […]

WIAW: Just When I Thought it was Over

Welcome to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Brought to you by Jenn at Peas and Crayons. Here is my Monday in meals… 6:45 AM= Spoonful of another yummy batch of homemade almond butter. Yes, I licked scraped the bowl clean when I made it on Sunday 🙂 7:30 AM= First cup of coffee of the morning… followed by half my bottle of water of course 😉 8:00 AM= 2% Fage plain Greek yogurt. Easy, filling and portable. 9:00 AM= Zoatmeal: 1/2 cup old fashion oats, 1 cup almond milk, about 1/3 cup grated zucchini with vanilla, fresh ground nutmeg and cinnamon microwaved […]

Early Morning Confessions

I’m taking a page out of Brittany’s book blog, Blissful Britt, and telling you my early morning confessions… I only ran once last work week. Say what?!?! You read that correctly. Between a rest day, doctors appointment, soccer and body bump, I didn’t get around to running until Friday. Who am I? At least the weather was cool and it was a good run. I forgot to mention two resolutions goals of mine… better posture and holding my core in. They kind of go hand in hand, as it’s easier to have better posture when you’re not walking around with […]

*Work* New Year Resolutions, Including Futbol

I could give or take on the whole new years resolution thing, but there are a few things that I want to start getting better at work, so I’ll roll with work resolutions… Limit Coffee/Caffeine There is an unlimited supply of coffee at work. That is Dangerous my friends. I never let myself have a cup after 11AM, as I’m afraid it will keep me up at night. However, I still have to be careful about drinking too much before then. My boss only drinks decaf, so I try to have just one caffeinated cup and then the rest decaf. […]

A New Cake And Riley got LUCKY!

This past weekend was the last of the birthday season for the Schroeder/Winchell households. We celebrated Rich’s birthday Sunday with late lunch of steak, salad (pear/walnut/gorgonzola), asparagus and roasted potatoes. Everything was delicious! Regular readers of this blog know that for birthdays, my mom always makes a special dessert. A few years back, her chocolate cheesecake was all the rage, but the tides taste buds have turned to cake! The past few years, it’s been a version of her chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Sometimes it’s peanut butter frosting, sometimes it’s a German Chocolate cake. My sister changed things up this year […]

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